Workville Is An Innovative Concept For Small Businesses That Would Like To Have A Shared Office Space

Workville is a unique co-working space that is located in New York City. It is adjacent to Times Square and Bryant Park. It is also located near all major transportation which makes it extremely convenient to commute to from other areas of the city. It is located in a high-rise on Broadway and offers a luxury environment with a variety of small businesses that are sharing the space. The shared office spaces are move-in ready with open desks. There is also a cafe and a lounge located at the office space. They even have three outdoor terraces.


Workville offers a whole host of amenities such as regular mail service, wifi, twenty-four-hour access, printers and fresh coffee. Workville is an all in one solution for small businesses that need a workspace and is able to harness the convenience of a shared workspace. Their office spaces are clean and modern. There is a cleaning service that ensures that the spaces are kept in top shape. Every aspect of a functional and comfortable workspace has been taken into account. The prices to rent these areas are also reasonable for the area. They have a variety of plans that range from sharing a space to having your own private office.


Many of the people that have used Workville have given overwhelmingly positive reviews and say that they would highly recommend others to use this space for all of their small business offices needs. The concept of a shared workspace is a great way for those in the urban area to be able to have all of the features that they would if they were to work for a large company. Workville has been incredibly popular and the idea is quite appealing to many small business owners. Workville will no doubt continue to do very well with their cutting edge concept.