Whitney Wolfe Weds At Amalfi Coast

A Personal Affair

Whitney Wolfe has finally gotten married. This new chapter in her life marks the beginning of something new for her. She’s already made herself one of the most successful CEOs of her time before she even reached 30 and now she’s decided to take her business to incredible new height. There’s a need for more women in app development, but she has made inroads towards a world where women are finally represented in the tech industry.

The Next Chapter In Life

This wedding comes after the recent success of her dating app Bumble. Bumble gives daters something they won’t find in any other dating app out there. Women are always the ones to make the first moves which guarantees that women are actually attracted to the men before they decide to engage in conversations. This has guaranteed a relatively low level of sexual harassment on the Bumble platform compared to what you might see on other dating apps. Her success hasn’t ended there either. She has decided to make a name for herself by expanding into the world of social media with the Bumble BFF app. This app allows people to interact with their friends and meet new people in a way similar to what might be seen on a dating app.

What Else She’s Done

Bumble BFF has a unique format for a social media app. Instead of clicking on profiles and sending texts the normal way, you simply swipe right if you like someone or swipe left if you don’t. The result of this environment is a quick and easy way to meet people who share your interest. Whitney Wolfe understands the new direction are culture is headed and she plans on making sure she has a hand in everything.

The Bumble Effect

The impact of her apps on the world is already visible. You can look around the net and clearly see examples of app developers taking lessons from Whitney Wolfe and choosing to develop apps that greatly resemble what she has created. When you produce something successful, others will generally try to imitate it. For her next chapter in life, Wolfe is going to need to find a way to one up herself and create something entirely new. This challenge isn’t going to be an easy one, but she seems to understand how to reach past it.

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