Vinny Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President AXA Advisors New York

Vincent Parascandola is the financial advisor at AXA Advisers, LLC that works hand in hand with both individuals and High Net Worth people in giving financial advice. He operates in New York, and he started his career there 25 years ago as an insurance agent for Prudential. His experience in the profession has led to his recognition, he has been given numerous awards and honored. He has been given the insurance agent rookie of the year and many mare awards of honor.


Vincent likes success in whatever he does. His performance and efforts to the insurance industry have been impeccable, and for this, he has been rewarded with job promotions and benefits that come with good performance. This has enabled him to move up the ladder.


AXA Advisors are now well known all over the world as the leading insurance firms. It is now headquartered in Paris, France. It was originally founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. The name changed many times until the name became AXA in 1985.


New York sector, led by Vinny Parascandola has services ranging from investment management to global insurance and many other financial services. The company has branches in Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America and Western Europe.

With his current position as the Senior Executive Vice President, New York division he carries out various tasks like management development, sales, recruiting, productivity, development of financial professionals and retention of employees.


He has helped families and businesses take steps towards financial security. Firms who consult him can remain stable financially. The business being operational will enable people to secure jobs and retain at the same time make decent profits.


Vincent is in social, and he makes comments on his Twitter handle page on his whereabouts and where he is going to make appearances. To people who like to look good for example, he gives them tips on how to lose weight in a short time (two weeks). He is also on Facebook and sometimes posts photos of him with officials and clients that he meets.