UK Vintners

A wine merchant is called a vintner. The production of wine itself is known as winemaking. The process usually begins with the selection of produce such as grapes or other fruits and plants, which ends with bottling of the finished product (wine).

Although grapes come from different regions of certain parts of the world, it is the winemaker’s touch
that greatly affect the end result – wine flavor – and every winery has their own method of perfection to produce a good finished product. The twitch is what differentiates one winery’s product from that of another.

Still wine production and sparkling wine production are the two general categories in which winemaking can be divided – without carbonation (natural) or with carbonation (injected). When the predominant ingredient after water is honey, the finished product is mead.

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Although the European Union comprises of smaller wine producers such as the United Kingdom, they are some of the largest importers there is in the world. There are a number of wine industry bodies in the United Kingdom, which represent different parts of the wine field. The handling of wine making ingredients and methods are guarded in such a way that can lead to lawsuits if one winery is found to have assimilated the ideas of another. The WSTA or the Wine and Spirits Trade Association acts as the governing body of the wine industry.

UK Vintners offer a variety of ways that affords customers the chance to order their favorite wine easily – online, membership, etc. – without the need to leave their homes. Anytime you as the customer are offered a variety of options through which to order your wine, it’s a good thing. Many do not realize how big of a deal it is to have options, until they have none. Options are better than otherwise.