The many Titles of Tony Petrello: Father, Husband, CEO, Philanthropist, and Cure Seeker

     Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is known for success in business, but also his generous giving. He is not the stereotypical greedy company exec looking for how he can horde finances. Tony, however, is just the opposite. Tony is a generous giver to the medical field. He desires to give his finances, sources, time, and energy to help promote research and advancement to find medical solutions to complex problems.

One of the reasons for Tony being so compassionate is because he understands. Born prematurely, his daughter Carena at the age of 7 finally began to eat for the first time. He watches his daughter in amazing of such a simple day to day tasks most take for granted. Prematurity caused, PVL, which is periventricular leukomalacia, a disease that when babies are born early can be diagnosed with reducing oxygen to the brain. The PVL eventually caused cerebral palsy, which causes deficiencies in motor control. This happening at birth delayed her development so much that traditionally learned tasks for Carena took much longer than the usual child. Tony and his wife Cynthia got down on their knees praying, then they also began investing fortunes into research in the hopes of finding a cure for their daughter. Tony has always been quite the determined individual.

Tony graduated from Yale with his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics. He then went to study at Harvard Law. Knowing he could land a decent job anywhere, he never settled and eventually landed the position as CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is now known as the largest oil drilling contractor company around the world. With the company running smooth, Tony spends as much time with his family as possible. Doctors examine Carena on a daily basis as Tony can enjoy her exuberant and purposeful life. He explains his daughter as someone who can shine a light in the darkest of circumstances, a real joy. Her heart and life through the troubling illness encouraging him to fight for others and for her to find a cure.

Tony plans on being a great contributor to the search for their daughter’s medical freedom. Donating a total of $5 million dollars now, Tony and Cynthia pledged an additional $2 million dollars. With a combination of his hard work and success and life circumstances, Tony has been placed on a unique road to continue as a beneficiary for many.

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