Talk Fusion Offers a Grand Incentive, Destination: Milan

Talk Fusion, a Global Video Marketing publicized a vacation incentive to the coveted land, Milan, Italy for all Independent Associates. Destination: Milan is the title of the trip and is scheduled for December 2017. The purpose of the trip is to motivate the Independent Associates to build their businesses in the subsequent year. Milan is one of the world’s famous capitals and is famous for its premier fashion, savory Italian Cuisine, excursions, culture, and high-end shopping.


The qualified associates will be accompanied by their spouses and their expenses including air tickets will be provided by Talk Fusion. In addition, the couples will stay in a First-class hotel during the tour. Destination: Milan is just an addition to Talk Fusion’s numerous incentives. Other incentives offered include diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, fully purchased Mercedes-Benz, and many vacations to great places like Maui, Hawaii, Dubai, Orlando, and Florida.


According to the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, the company does not only provide high-quality products, but also has a great commitment to ensuring their associates and clients have the best. The recent incentive validates the truth of Bob’s statement. Destination: Milan is open to the present and the future associates taking part in the company’s current project. These parties earn supplementary income by sharing the company’s Video marketing solution and popular business opportunity. To qualify for Destination: Milan, the associates must attain or exceed the diamond rank by October 29, 2017.


Everyone has a desire to be financially free, to go to new places, and spend time with their loved ones. Talk Fusion makes this reality to the associates who are determined and work hard for the prize. The company has a tradition of offering two incentive trips each year to the associates. Therefore, in addition to Destination: Milan, there will be a trip in June to Maui, Hawaii.


Bob Reina founded talk Fusion in 2007. It is committed to helping businesses retain their customers, sustains a healthy competition with their competitors, and maximize their profits. It offers solutions that ensure marketing is memorable, persuasive, and more engaging using video. The firm offers a trial of the video marketing solution to the prospective clients. Talk Fusion values the community and seeks for opportunities to give back to the society.