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Why Whitney Wolfe is One of the Best Women in Tech

Bumble is an ultra-modern dating website, founded in 2014. The website incorporates other services such as making new friends, and plans are underway to enable the website to render professional services. Bumble is the culmination of Whitney Wolfe’s brilliant career in the tech field. When she founded Bumble, Whitney focused on women needs in the dating world. Through her App, Whitney empowered women to be the primary initiators of conversations. That way, women can take control of who they converse. Little did she know that her idea would someday attract $450 million from Match Group. Whitney declined to sell flourishing company to her former employer.

Whitney’s journey in tech began in 2012 when co-founded Tinder. She also assumed the roles of VP of marketing. Whitney together with other Tinder co-founders nurtured the company to what it is today: the number one dating website in the world. However, Whitney quit half-way through the journey following a misunderstanding with her co-workers. After quitting, she faced challenges deciding what to pursue outside Tinder. Her resilient nature pushed her through the tough time till she found a bearing: she founded Bumble. Her decision to form Bumble can be partly attributed to Andrey Andreev who also owns 79% stake in the company.

Bumble is popular with users. The company has registered over 20 million active users. More than 10% of the users are willing to access premium services offered by the website at the cost of $9.99 per month. Bumble users were recently introduced to Bumble BFF vertical that enables them to meet new friends. Many users are eagerly anticipating the launch of Bumble Bizz vertical, a new addition that is expected in the last quarter of 2017. Bumble Bizz will make professional networking a reality for the majority of Bumble users. The continuous expansion of Bumble has led analysts to predict that the company will collect $150 million in revenues next year to learn more about us: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-1791a299 click here.

Whitney was born in Utah. Her parents, Micheal and Kelly, divorced when she was 17 years old. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she started her entrepreneurial journey. She is the co-founder of “Help Us Project” a non-profit organization.