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Lifeline Screening Preparedness

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides sophisticated medical screenings which are inexpensive and easily accessed. In our society today not as many people are seeing a doctor regularly as they feel comfortable if they are feeling OK. They decide that if there are no obvious symptoms then they are in good health.

This direction can be very hazardous because many serious medical conditions begin by displaying very few if any symptoms. Lifeline Screening really fills the gap here. With just a few simple tests, individuals can have the comfort of knowing their current health status. If there are findings pointing to a medical issue then they will be able to go to their doctor for treatment.

It is very easy to set an appointment with Lifeline Screening for the next few days time which takes away the hassle of having to see multiple doctors and other testing offices where schedules often are in conflict.

These tests that are offered by Lifeline Screening are the same screenings found in hospitals and medical testing facilities everywhere. The employees and medical personnel are required to have the same educational requirements and medical training that all hospital and medical employees must have.

The medical screenings that are available cover all of the vital organs, blood screening as well as specific screening for the heart, circulation, cholesterol, liver, bone density, and many other vital testings that indicate your current state of health.

At the time that you set your appointment you will be given instructions about how you can prepare for your screenings. A period of fasting for 6 to 12 hours is recommended if you are getting a blood test, for example. Clothing should be loose-fitting so that you will have a comfortable session of screening.

The ladies should wear slacks and a loose top. The men should wear trousers that are comfortable along with a sports shirt. You will be asked to lift up your top for some tests such as an ultrasound or the electrocardiograph. When your screening is done, you will be provided with a summary which is also made available for your personal physician.

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