Rick Smiths Era in Securus Technologies

There many qualities that a company has to consider to be sure that the person they choose for the chief executive seat is the right individual. This is because the CEO directly affects the performance of the company. Sometimes, it is his innovation that saves the company from subsiding when there is competition. It is the skills of the CEO that ranks the position of a company in an economy. The Securus Company is an example of a company that has maintained its top position in the economy. No company has been able to second Securus Technologies in the provision of high tech provision.

Securus Company CEO assumed office in 2008. Since then a lot of progress has been noticed. His first improvement was on the architecture of a company. He renovated the structure by customizing it to fit the company’s needs.

Securus Technologies serves a lot of people. Over a million inmates depend on their services. About 2600 correctional services and 3400 prominent businesses also depend on the services of Securus. This is because no hacker has been able to crack their devices. This makes them reliable in securing data. Handling such a company, therefore, requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Rick Smith is well equipped.

Rick Smiths Academic Background

Education is key to efficiency in the management of a company. Without a good educational background handling the financial records and other fundamentals of a company may not be easy. This is why a good CEO needs to be educated.

Rick Smith is a product of high learning institutions that well ranked globally. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. Sit is also an MBA holder.

Rick Smiths Level of Experience

The other factors that matter when it comes to good leadership are experience. This is because it gives an individual the skills of dealing with other people. It also improves the communication skills, which are vital to any chain of production.

Rick Smith had worked in numerous institutions before landing in Securus Technologies. He left an excellent history in each of these institutions.

For instance, the last place he worked before joining Securus was Echelon-Telkom. Here as their CEO, he improved their revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He also aided EBITBDA in raising $80 million.

Final Verdict

Rick Smith has a very excellent history. This must be among the reasons why the board of directors appointed him as CEO.

With the development of the company, it is evident that this was the right decision for the company. Rick Smiths work has proofed that his skills on leadership are unquestionable.

Securus Technologies will be one of the other legacies of Rick Smith.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-smith-11a77814/

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    Since the reign of Rick Smith as the new CEO of Securus Technologies, it has been one success or the other. This is even as essay writers has written some great reviews of the CEO who has transformed the Company. Indeed, there are so many things that have accounted for this success and one of this, is experience and skill.

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