Rick Smith Ensuring Securus Technologies Stays at the Top of the Correctional Sphere

The role of CEO is essential in just about any company there is, and it is he or she who decides the direction in which the company would move ahead. The decision-making skills and the experience of the CEO plays a very critical role in the success of the company, and it is these abilities that are clearly seen in Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a leading provider of correctional services in the United States, and its products and services are used by more than 3,450 correctional facilities at the moment, reaching out to over a million inmates. Rick Smith has played a vital role in the growth of Securus Technologies in the last few years and ensured that the company does not only grow regarding revenue, but also improves in overall efficiency, customer service, developing innovative products, and other aspects that define a modern business. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Rick Smith has worked with some telecommunication firms in the past that have given him considerable experience of how the telecom industry works. It is his experience that he puts to maximum use when it comes to strategizing and implementing management policies and business decisions at Securus Technologies, which in the last few years has given astounding results. It has made Rick Smith, Securus one of the most successful CEOs in the corporate circles of the United States. The company is planning massive expansion in the next few years as it plans to expand its products and services not only in North America, where it is currently focused primarily but in the rest of the country as well. Rick Smith has also materialized massive investments of nearly $600 million in the last few years for research and development to develop products and services for the correctional sphere that would put Securus Technologies in a different bracket altogether when comparing with its arch rivals. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

As the competition gets fierce with passing time, it is crucial for the companies to make decisions that would help them propel towards success at a faster rate. Rick Smith has been able to make critical decisions at the right time to ensure that the growth of Securus Technologies is unhindered irrespective of the competition or the market condition. Rick Smith has worked with Eschelon Telecommunication Inc in the past where he not only helped with increasing the revenue of the company but also helped with its capital raising initiatives. Rick Smith is also on the board of the company named Integra Telecom. He has done his MBA from the reputed Rochester University and has done Masters in Engineering from the New York State University. Rick Smith is a visionary leader who understands how to manifest growth in a company through clear management policies and business decisions.

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