Michel Terpins’ Talent in the Off-Road Rally Racing

Michel Terpins is rally driver who is a member of the Bull Sertoes Team and participates in the Sertoes Rally team in Brazil. The Sertoes Rally is one of the renowned and most prestigious off-road car racing events that covers Latin America. Michel Terpins co-founded the Bull Sertoes team together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins. Michel’s passion for the motorsport might have been triggered by the family’s background which is sporty family. Rodrigo’s father Jack Terpins was a sportsperson who excelled in basketball for a team known as the Hebraica in his youthful days and even held senior positions in the sports organizations.

Michel Terpins’ Highlights in Motorsport

Michel Terpins began his motorsport career in 2002 where he started in the motorcycle category before joining his brother in car racing. He prefers the T1 Prototype rally competition and has participated in numerous competitions that have helped him achieve high rankings in the rally championships. Michel drives the T- Rex car which was introduced by the MEM Motorsport Organization with a few modifications that helped manoeuvre the rough off-road terrain.

In the 24th edition, Michel Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo had a spectacular performance and were the highlight in their category. The 24th edition was the 7th participation in which Michel Terpins was racing in the Sertoes rally. The overall standings saw the pair scoop the 5th position which was a very high ranking in the championship. What’s more, Michel Terpins stated that the race was a challenging stage and had very exhausting stretches of the mountainous region, but they were able to manage the situation.

Further, the 25th edition was marked by three stages where Michel participated with his partner Justo. The pair won the two of the three phases in prototype T1 category where they lead and were among the top 5 fastest and the 4th in the overall ranking. However, their car developed mechanical problems and the gearbox broke down, but due to the excellent performance in the first two stages, they still managed to finish fourth in the prototypes T1 and 10th overall.