Michael Zomber Buys The Knife Used in John Brown’s Assassination Attempt


In what appeared to be a red-hot auction organized by Sotheby, Michael Zomber emerged the winner of a rare antique used in the abolitionist movement. The artifact, which is a rare knife, was used in an attempt to assassinate John Brown, a radical slave activist. The knife was taken from Brown by his assassin during a demonstration organized by the movement. The knife has been branded as a symbol of the bloody periods in the American history. Many people expressed strong interest and passion in the artifact, but Michael finally emerged the winner in a tightly contested auction.


According to Michael’s Facebook, John Brown was an important figure in the abolitionist movement, and he is proud to own a piece of his belonging, which is a sample of his personal life and history. John Brown was a radical activist who believed that the American slaves could only attain their freedom through arm insurrection. He was arrested and prosecuted by the government before he could achieve his ambitions.


About Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber is a popular arm collector and artifact expert who has made headlines because of his extraordinary taste for controversial items. For over forty years, Michael has traversed the globe looking for ancient artifacts and armors. He is also a recognized expert in Japanese samurai swords. His love for antiques is concurrent with his enthusiasm about history. Zomber’s rich knowledge about the past historical events and prominent figures in history has cemented his position as one of the best historians in the United States.


Michael is also a story teller who cannot fail to come up with a captivating narrative in seconds. His creativity has given him an edge over others when it comes to the production of screenplays that stand out. He is behind a series of films including the ground-breaking documentary about Japanese samurai swords.


Several novels about the ancient life are attributed to Michael Zomber. His novels have enjoyed a wide read across the globe. Some of his novels include “A Child of the Civil War,” ”Sweet Betsy’s” and “Shogun Lemitsu.” At one time, Zomber was exonerated from prison after wrongful detention.