Lori Senecal Brings Out the Best In The CP&B Advertising Agency

American Airlines has used the same advertising agency for 25 years. Until, Lori Senecal became the CEO of CP&B in March of 2015. Before she served as the CEO of CP&B, Lori was the CEO for MDC Partners Network. The key role she played was to bring in new contracts for new clients. When it came to the position within the company, Lori was the perfect person for the job.

According to Campaignlive, Structure was established and the next step was developing the leadership team that would follow once Lori was confident that they were ready for their own roles in the business. Chuck Porter and Lori Senecal took the time needed to make thoughtful decisions about the leadership of the business. The role that Lori took on was only temporary. She took the role with the sole intention that she would depart once everything was established and the business was successful.

With the generation in leaders already in good shape, Danielle Aldrich has just recently taken on the role of President of CP&B West that includes offices in the Boulder and Los Angeles area. Previously, Aldrich was the managing director for the Boulder office and she had planned a role in the helping of landing the American Airlines account as well as an account with Hershey’s.

Currently there are 10 offices which are being led with passionate entrepreneurs that help to create a bigger, better version of CP&B. By establishing regional leaders, the resources are shared across all offices. For CP&B, they are always on the lookout for leaders who are built to bring out the best of the company. For this reason, Danielle is the perfect fit for the agency. Lori has the DNA built in for the hardest challenges she faces without blinking an eye twice to solve the hardest problems in a new approach.

Everyone who works for the agency has been hand selected to play a role within the agency. Each person who applies to the agency is carefully screened to ensure that they are the perfect fit for the company. That is why the agency is so successful. Follow her on Twitter

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