Kim Dao heads to Korea After Second Stop in Denmark.

Kim Dao planned to spend a week in Korea for a meeting before heading back to Denmark again. Kim Dao arrived at Copenhagen Airport an hour early for the flight and decided to have a French hot dog with mayonnaise on a hot dog bun. On the way to Korea, Kim Dao had a layover in Amsterdam. The flight to Amsterdam made her hungry, so Kim Dao had a Dutch sausage roll. She had about an hour before her flight to Korea  took off. Kim Dao also had some kind of packaged pastry roll,and a 16 ml bottle of water to drink. Learn more:


After her three-hour flight, Kim Dao ate at Korean Joa where the father of one of the spike lenders works as a chef there. She had some kind of a chicken and rice stew with banana squash slices and green onion on top. Later on, Kim Dao met up with one of the members of the group. In the loby, one of translators had a birthday. She was given a small birthday cake in which someone lit the candle with a lighter, and the group sang “Happy Birthday” to her. Learn more:


The group visited Seoul Sky to see live undersea exhibits, sky constellations, and go up a sky tower by way of escalator. The visited a gift shop that sold all kinds of things including a miniature sky tower. Back at the hotel, Kim Dao pointed out what a Korean hotel room looks like. Learn more: