Ken Goodrich’s Resilience Breaths Life Back into Goettl Air Conditioning

Ken Goodrich has a history of picking up crumbling businesses and reviving them back to their lost glory. Before he acquired Goettl Air Conditioning four years ago, the company was nearly hitting rock bottom. The company had seen an unusual change of ownership over a short period, and that was threatening to end Goettl’s over 60 years of dominance in the HVAC industry.


Re-energizing the Staff


Reviving Goettl was a hard bone for Goodrich to break, despite having had successfully revived over ten other businesses. The company from whom he bought Goettl from had tarnished the company’s reputation by being suspected of illegal business. Sanitizing the tarnished reputation was an uphill task for Goodrich, but he is not the type that lacks a way out. He began by putting his house in order; he focused on improving the fading morale among his demotivated staff members. With that successfully done, he focused on earning back the customers’ trust.


Winning Customers Back


In collaboration with his now motivated staff, Goodrich began reaching out to the local community in Phoenix through taking part in already existing communal charity drives. The company also established and funded philanthropic initiatives, such as providing clean drinking water for the homeless. Ken and his team started helping the less privileged in the community to access heating and ventilation services for free. With time, everything fell into place, and Goettl was back on its feet. The company has since expanded to other cities in U.S.


About Goettl


Goettl has been providing heating and ventilation solutions to homes and companies for close to 80 years now. The company mainly operates in Las Vegas but has branches in Phoenix, Tucson, and Southern California.


Three adventurous brothers, Bill Goettl, Adam Goettl, and John Goettl, established Goettl jointly. The company pioneered most innovations in the HVAC industry. Evaporative coolers, for example, were inexistent before Goettl entered the industry.