John Goullet Brings IT Companies And IT Job Seekers Together

There are many people who are looking for jobs on a regular basis. The reasons for job hunting maybe different but people are constantly looking for the next job. Some people are looking because they are unemployed, and some people are looking because they want a better job. Although the reasons have something to do with the motivation behind people looking for jobs, the job market today has changed to the extent that people looking for jobs must take the changes into consideration.

Many years ago, people used the local newspaper as a major resource in finding a new job. The reason was because most local companies looking to hire someone for a position would place a job listing in the local newspaper. However, times have changed to the extent now with the use of the Internet and other technology that many local newspapers are not operating any longer. Many people do not subscribe to the local newspaper. Many people go online to read about local and national news. John at LinkedIn .

The same thought process is done regarding looking for a job. Technology has evolved to the point that many companies no longer place job ads, companies place job openings on the company website. Another option is that companies use staffing companies to help fill open jobs. In response to the changes made by companies, job seekers usually will go online to search engines to search for jobs in their local area. The search engines will eventually take them to the websites were they can find the jobs open in the locations where they are interested.

John Goullet has started the Diversant staffing company that provides help to job seekers looking for jobs. Diversant is a staffing company that works a particular segment of the job market. The market segment that Diversant helps job seeker concerning is the IT field. Diversant provides a variety of job-related assistance to IT professionals to help them find, apply, and interview for available jobs.

John Goullet has been associated with the IT field for many years. He started a technology company in the 1990s and ran the company successfully for over 15 years before starting the Diversant staffing company. The level of understanding that John Goullet has regarding the IT field and technology overall is extremely high. for more .