James Dondero Gets Things Done

There is nothing better than people helping people. Unless, it its people helping people to help themselves. And, sometimes a challenge or a little friendly push is just the thing needed to get results and growth happening. This truism is exactly fits the a situation involving James Dondero, Highlands Capital Management, The Family Place and a little dream called the Legacy Campaign.


James Dondero is pleased and proud to announce that Highlands Capital Management has a challenge grant in the amount of 1 million USD (United States Dollars) lying in wait. But there are two conditions that apply before the monies can be granted. The first of these conditions is that the money has to be matched with funds the raised by The Family Place for their Legacy Campaign. The legacy Campaign is an effort to build another emergency facility to help relieve TFP, which is operating and maximum capacity, at the moment. More importantly, there is a time limit on how long these funds are available and there is no time to waste.


The fact that Highlands Capital Management is matching funds stands as an impressive act, by itself. More impressive though is the fact that this challenge follows a call to action from the Mayor and Chief of Police of Dallas, Texas. The purpose for this call to action comes from a deep need in the local community in finding solutions to their shortage of resources for emergency services. James Dondero believes that this challenge is proof that the civic community of Dallas knows how to get things done. For him, his business and organization, serving others and filling a need for philanthropic service is what they do every day they go to work.


The ripple effect on this one is pretty far reaching. For what starts with a word from city officials flows through already caring and working professionals and ends with one organization helping another realize a dream. Once the Legacy Campaign becomes a realized goal, construction begins on a new central Dallas counseling center. It is to be named after Ann Moody and its design is expected to serve more than 2,000 clients a year, for years to come.