Hussain Sajwani and th Success of DAMAC Properties

The company DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is located in Dubai and works in the industry of property development. DAMAC for short completed projects such as the development of residential property, leisure, as well as commercial property. The company is known for its global operation. The corporation as established in 1976 by the businessman Mr. Hussain Sajwani.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani has been operating as the Chairman of the board of DAMAC Properties. He has founded a number of other businesses over the years including the DICO Investments Co LLC, an investment company. Mr. Hussain Sajwani embarked on his business career of entrepreneurship in 1976 with the founding of DAMAC Properties. Before that, Mr. Hussain Sajwani used to work for the company GASCO where he worked as a Contracts Manager for a few years up until he quit and went back to the Emirates to establish a business of his own. Mr. Hussain Sajwani also formed a catering company which is currently working globally. It recently changed its name to Global Logistics Services. Learn more:


Some of the most impressive projects of DAMAC Properties have been the collaboration of the company with a few large organizations such as the Trump Organization. The company of DAMAC properties has also worked with global brands from the likes of Fendi and Versace. DAMAC Properties invested a large amount of money in several businesses as well. In fact, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is one of the one hundred most influential Arabs of 2017 on a global scale.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is active on the philanthropy front. DAMAC Properties launched a charity arm about ten years ago. Mr. Hussain Sajwani has made donations to many charities mostly for children to receive health care, education, and a better future altogether.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a former student of the University of Washington. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He is currently based in Dubai where he handles his businesses. Mr. Hussain Sajwani is working towards the expansion of his companies and is working on a vast number of real estate development projects such as resorts and golf course in the US.