How Cone Marshall is structured to Offer Legal Services that Deal with Tax and Trust

Cone Marshall is an established law company that is headquartered in Auckland, Australia. The company is renowned for its specialization in legal matters that deal with tax and trusts. Its services are available in different nations across the globe. Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are the two principal partners that manage the law firm. Cone Marshall Limited has gained experience in the services that offers since it was created in 1999. Information about the operation of the enterprise can be accessed on


Karen Marshall started her legal practice in another law company before joining Cone Marshall. She worked for the firm that is based in London for about one decade at its commercial litigation branch. In 2005, she moved to Cone Marshall as an associate and in 2006 she was promoted to be a senior partner of the company. Karen has ample skills in the administration of trusts and the providing guidance on constitutional trustee enterprises.


The primary field that Geoffrey Cone has specialized in is the management of trustee and trusts as well as providing global strategies for tax and trusts. The Cone Marshall firm has been creating links across the world and using them to offer its serves. It advises its clients on the establishment of affiliations and companies, worldwide planning and assets, and creating New Zealand-based trusts. Geoffrey Cone was recently named as a Quintessential Tax Lawyer in May 2016 by a publication that is referred to by attorneys as a Law Firm & Experts Directory.


A social media post that was on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ acclaimed New Zealand as an outstanding Model of Transparency. Geoffrey Cone was against the reports, which stated that there had been a lot of secrecy in New Zealand’s banking industry that has made it be a haven for trusts that want to evade tax. According to him, the country has been complying with tax regulations, and it was recognized by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2002.


Mr. Cone argued that the rising number of New Zealand-based international trusts is due to the security level of the country, which has made many organizations believe in it. The nation has an outstanding reputation since it has structured its judiciary system in an excellent way and it has legal infrastructure. Cone Marshall has always been honest in matters that are associated with tax and trust. Marshall has offered to provide legal advice on trusts and tax at a discounted price.