How Clay Siegall Has Emerged At The Top Of Washington’s Biotechnology Industry

Seattle Genetics is the largest biotechnology company in the greater Seattle area. It is located in the Cascade Business Park on the north end of Bothell, Washington. The company’s is logo is a model of what a human’s antibody looks like. It was founded by Clay Siegall is the founder and top executive of Seattle Genetics. His goal in creating the company was to offer targeted drug therapies to treat different types of cancer. His company specializes in antibody-drug conjugates which are able to kill cancer cells from the inside which is much more safe and effective than the older, conventional ways of trying to treat cancer patients.

Seattle Genetics now has about 900 people employed and is worth around $10 billion. As a very successful company they will add another 200 people to the payroll by the end of 2017. Clay Siegall has said that his company is a multiproduct oncology company which has a now global footprint. Seattle Genetic’s first product on the market is Adcetris which has been shown to successfully treat lymphoma. Siegall says that there are several other drugs his company’s pipeline.

Trying to further expand the products that Seattle Genetics offers, they also made a $2 billion bid this past February on another cancer drug that another biotechnology company, Immunomedics, has on the market. The deal fell apart due to issues surrounding control of Immunomedics board, however. Still, this episode showed that Seattle Genetics has an appetite for expansion and the financial wherewithal to carry it out.

Clay Siegall started out in the healthcare industry as a researcher for the National Cancer Institute which is part of the National Institutes of Health. He then performed a similar role for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. It was this position that first brought him to the Seattle area. He decided he really liked the area and saw that there was a great number of people who had the skills and experience to work in the biotechnology industry who also lived there.

Due to his knowledge and skills, Dr. Clay Siegall has become a big part of Washington’s biotechnology industry. He has a seat on the board of directors for two other companies in the industry. These two companies are Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. and Mirna Therapeutics. These are in addition to his roles at Seattle Genetics which are president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.