How Alfonso Noriega Revived Grupo Televisa

     Most of the major media companies in Mexico have been in existence for a long time. They were started in the 20th century. Grupo Reforma is a newspaper publisher that operates most of the popular newspaper publications in Mexico. It is also the oldest and was founded in 1922. Grupo CIE is a private media company that was founded in 1990. The company produces content for the entertainment industry. It focuses on the Latin American segment. Grupo Televisa operates the Televisa Network. It is considered to be a largest media company in Latin America.

Alfonso Noriega is the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa. Noriega is a member of the executive office of the chairman of the group. He is directly involved in making the major decisions that govern the future of the company in this position. Noriega has a Law degree from UNAM in Mexico. He worked as a lawyer in New York at White & Case, LLP after school. He was the founding partner of Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes, and Fuentes in 1994. The law firm went on to become one of the leading companies in Mexico. Noriega became affiliated with Grupo Televisa when he became the personal attorney of Emilio Milmo. Emilio is the current CEO of the enterprise. He helped Milmo to restructure the company successfully and to regain operating control.

Alfonso became the vice president of Administration and Finance and held this responsibility until 2003. He was also elected to the board of directors of Grupo Televisa in 1999. Mr. Noriega is involved in philanthropy and charities. He is the chair of the board of Kardias A.C. Noriega was the director of Grupo Modelo for eight years. He has served on the board of trustees of the American School Foundation for the last couple of years. He has been affiliated with several companies including Innova, Univision Holdings, Pepsi Bottling Group, and Cable Vision over the course of his career. He became a director at the Financial Group of Banorte in 2015. He has worked in the legal, the telecommunications, and the food industries over the course of his career.