Here’s what to Know about the of Paul Mampilly’s Investment Path

     The road to business success is often paved with challenges, but this does not mean that success is unachievable. Paul Mampilly is a definition of achievement. He is a retired hedge fund manager and former winner of the coveted Templeton Foundation Investment Award.

Professional Highlights

Professionally, Paul has been a focused business leader and he boasts of more than 25 years in business finance management. In 1991, he worked at Deutsch Bank as a manager. He was able to manage popular investors’ accounts. His quality management skills enabled him to manage the Royal Bank of Scotland and Swiss Bank accounts. Years later, Mr. Mampilly joined Kinetics International Funds as a leader. He was able to expand and grow the company’s financial assets.

Between 2003 and 2006, Paul worked at Capuchin Consulting as an editor and manager. Though he founded this firm, he left it to seek for further investment opportunities. In 2008, he decided to take his investment options a little further and invested in Netflix. He was also able to bring vast financial growth to the firm. In 2015, Paul served shortly as an editor at Strawberry Research.

In 2012, Mr. Mampilly took an interest in Sarepta, a therapeutic company. He bought shares here and sold them later at a profit advantage of over 2000%. In 2016, Paul joined Banyan Hills Publisher as a senior editor. Here he has a weekly column where he discusses stock investment. He also uses Profits Unlimited to inspire many of his subscribers based on the financial knowledge gained from Wall Street.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an Indian born American investor and business leader. He possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance Accounting from Montclair State University and a Masters in Finance from Fordham University. Currently, Paul is keenly involved in companies he founded, mainly Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. He is also a senior editor at Banyan Hills Publishers.


Generally, Paul Mampilly is an impactful business leader. Everywhere he has worked, he ensures that his subjects get the best investment advice. He gets to tell them on the available profitable opportunities and when to properly invest. Though retired at the age 42, Paul continues to offer investment tips to willing Americans.


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