George Soros Journey to a Successful Career in the Hedge Fund Management Business

George Soros was born in the city of Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary. He was from the Jewish family of which their parents were not happy with. Every middle-class person from those countries didn’t want to be associated with Jewish. Soros’ father was called Tivadar and was a respected lawyer from Hungary. He had been jailed for quite some time, during the first and the second world war. He was always on the frontline pursuing success and his goal to achieve in life was awesome. He meant well for his family and run away from Russia so that he could join his family in Budapest, and more information click here.

When Soros was only 13 years and that was the year 1943, the country was invaded by Nazi group from Germany and they faced a lot of problems during their time there. The country faced a lot of difficulties and so many people’s lives were at risk. Jews were being denied the rights to education and their children were being forced to report to the Jewish council. It was one of the most challenging moments in the history of Hungary. Tivadar was an experienced lawyer and did everything he could to save his family of which he was very successful. Their father had to start by changing their family name to Soros a name which George Soros loved most. It had great meanings including the famous ‘next in line’, and

The family of Soros later encountered another challenging moment ib life when Budapest Siege started. Many people were massacred during that time but his father had to secure false documents that could say that Soros family was a Christian family. They changed from Jewish to Christianity whereby so many people were killed. Around 500,000 Jews from Hungary were killed. Later in 1947 when the dust for war settled, Soros immigrated to England to quench his high thirst for education. He did everything he could with a lot of passion. He had committed himself to success and always moved swiftly towards attaining proper qualifications. George Soros joined the famous London School of Economics whereby he studied Philosophy. He graduated with a bachelors degree in the year 1952 and was under the great mentorship of Karl Poppers. He later enrolled for a masters degree in Philosophy in the same school and later graduated with a great performance in 1954. While in England, he used to look for short-term jobs so that he could support his education. He was employed as the railway station and also as the waiter in the area’s biggest clubs, and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros had learned a lot from the wars that occurred in his country and witnessed how people suffer when democracy and freedom of expression are not functioning. He opened the famous open society Foundation after he had achieved in life. To date, he has been able to donate over $32 billion as donations to more than 100 countries. He is greatly honored by various human rights movements for his hard work and commitment to the industry.