Dr. Chris Steven of MB2 Dental Solutions Offers Affiliated Dental Packages to Dentists for Healthier Services

Chris Steven Villanueva is an active dental practitioner who focuses on promoting the best services for dentists who own practices. Having had vast experience in offering dental services as an employee and an employer, he thought it wise to initiate a practice aimed at empowering fellow dentists. He founded MB2 Dental Solutions with a mission of providing affiliated offices a package of services designed to assisting dentists with offering dental services. As the chief executive officer of MB2 Dental, Chris focuses the business on providing an equation to the service provider and the patient. Chris started the company with the mission of supporting the integrity of his profession.






With a clear understanding that dentists need specialized assistance without strings attached, the practice has been supporting dentist practitioners in over seventy affiliated locations. The services offered by MB2 Dental Solutions reach over 50 practices through the 533 employees. With a close-knit relationship and leadership from Chris, the organization is focused on continuing to provide a trend of excellence. While typical dental practice management companies offer regular services, Chris thought that it was wise to introduce modern methodologies into the field. That is why MB2 Dental Solutions is proud of the new range of dental services it offers.



MB2 Dental Solutions



The organization is focused on providing excellent services more than the profits. The dentist owned firm capitalizes on autonomy, the support of dentistry, personal growth, and partnerships through team building. MB2 offers improvement assistance to dental practitioners. For dentists who need personalized assistance, the team always ensures to deliver. The innovations promote better operating standards for dentists. These standards lead to happier practitioners. The happy professionals facilitate strong organic services for business growth. The affiliated services are packaged in a way that ensures dentists run their practices effectively.



Chris’ Profile



The idea of starting a dental practice affiliate rooted from Chris’s passion for bettering the industry of dental practice. After his college graduation, he had two options. One option was joining a big medical practice. He settled for the next choice. This option was to start a dental practice. Instead of just starting a dental practice, he started a practice aimed at helping people who own their dental practice. This is proof that Chris is an executive entrepreneur, committed to making the dental industry a better service provider. Chris was born and raised in Ohio. He relocated to Asia before joining high school in Venezuela. He is the chief executive officer of MB2 Dental Solutions