Ditch High Phone Bills? Try FreedomPop Zero Rate Plan!

Mobile users have always craved affordable service options. Since the birth of the internet age, it’s been an idea that delighted many. Sadly, it never materialized until a two-man team of visionaries set out to breathe life into this long-conceived concept. Los Angeles-based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and wireless internet carrier, FreedomPop, braved speculations by industry critics to deliver an exemplary brand. Its five-year-long journey has gifted subscribers with coveted savings on bundles, convenient services, and high-end budget products. Meanwhile, competitors enviously watch and protest about changing market conditions.


FreedomPop conveys a powerful message with friendly, collective customer service, reasonable pricing models, frustration-free transfer and inexpensive modern technology. Every month, subscribers receive unlimited texting privilege, complimentary 4G mobile data (500MB) and 200 calling minutes. FreedomPop lets them enjoy these benefits without any contractual commitment and there’s no early cancellation fee. What’s more, continuing service is the least frustrating process and plans are fairly priced. When customers exhaust their complimentary service, they’ll be notified and given an opportunity to choose from multiple options. The freemium last only a year, at which time, customers can either terminate or renew their subscription for as low as $10.99.


Subscribers continuing service can redeem bonus credit through FreedomPop’s referral program, survey participation, software downloads, etc. or simply opt for the pay-per-use method. Its “Freedom Friends” referral program rewards participants handsomely as does partnership newsletters, Netflix, games, and FreeCreditReport downloads. FreedomPop’s budget mobile data/internet plans are a packaged convenience as well. It affords customers high-end refurbished technology or modem at reasonable prices. They’re shipped directly to subscribers for just $9.99. Additionally, FreedomPop promises uninterrupted free wifi/LTE hotspots with internet plans and varying usage ranges (500MB to 2GB). Premiums start at $0 – $19.99/month. For $10.99, FreedomPop subscribers can send unlimited text and make calls without restriction. This plan also gives a 500MB data allowance. City commuters can enjoy unlimited WiFi calling over ten million U.S. hotspots for just $5/month.


With FreedomPop unbeatable offerings luring U.S. mobile and internet users from traditional carriers, it’s earned millions of loyal subscribers. In 2015, it made its footprint in the UK, promising free SIM-only network bundle amidst according UK-based carrier Telefonica. It included 200MB data allowance, voice minutes and text every month for a year. Its “Jetsetter” data SIM which launched months later offered free roaming in the UK. Today, FreedomPop has penetrated Spain, France, and another 20 global territories. An official FreedomPop review by CNET  featured the company’s most attractive offer for heavy users. It’s a paid plan with an unlimited allowance for all services for $20/month. Dubbed “Unlimited Everything,” subscribers can text, call and browse on 3G/4G speeds monthly. It’s an excellent solution for those using LTE compatible handsets for hotspot convenience with free tethering privilege. FreedomPop has cemented partnerships, expansions and raised over $30 million as it continues growth initiatives.  Read full Fortune story here!