David McDonald Shifts His Focus To The Chinese Market

At OSI Group, the management team fully understands that corporation cannot be run using a one-size-fits-all business strategy. The company’s president, David McDonald, has put lots of efforts to ensure that the company’s subsidiaries are run independently and using management teams of the host country’s talent pool. This approach has ensured that the corporation’s products satisfy the needs of each target market.

David McDonald OSI Group notes that taste buds’ vary from country to country, and that a product that may be delicious in one is not necessarily treated the same in another. A singular universal management approach can negatively affect the business and its brand. OSI management’s approach makes it easy for the subsidiaries to comply with government regulations and cultural nuances in their areas of operations.

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OSI Group is a global value-added protein products provider. The Aurora-based company is known for its delicious beef patties and sausage links. Its list of products also includes sandwiches and pizzas. The company sells its products through leading retail and foodservice brands such as McDonald’s. Recent estimates put the total number of processing facilities run by the corporation at 80. These factories are spread in over 17 countries, with China and the US having multi facilities due to their large economies. According to Dave, the high number of facilities has been made possible by the company’s strategic plans, such as the acquisition of Baho Industry.

David notes that OSI’s 20 years of operations in China have been successful. Recently, OSI geared up its efforts of dominating the country’s market by establishing additional facilities and partnering with leading Chinese brands. This move has seen its Chinese client base grow to include Burger King, Subway, Yum, McDonald’s, Saizeriya, and Papa John’s. According to David, OSI’s focus on China is good for the company as the Chinese market is the world’s largest growing consumer market. The country’s population is also growing more affluent.

David G. MacDonald is the president and chief operating Officer at OSI Group. Previously, the executive leader served as OSI Industries’ project manager, a position that gave him crucial skills and experience for his current positions. Dave is the North American Meat Institute’s chairman, Marfrig Global Foods SA’s independent director, and a member of OSI’s board of directors. He holds an animal science degree from the revered Iowa State University.