Clay Siegall; Revolutionizing The Battle Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the mastermind behind the establishment of Seattle Genetics, a leading pharmaceutical firm that targets the cure of chronic illnesses. Clay has in his possession a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland as well as a doctorate in Genetics from the George Washington University.


Since the commencement of Seattle Genetics, the company has made revolutionary accomplishments in the targeted remedy industry. The firm recently became the pioneering institution to develop an antibody drug conjugate accredited by the Food and Drug Administration. This invention, along with other that are currently in the works, has earned Seattle Genetics productive partnerships with industry giants such as Pfizer and Bayer.


Furthermore, Seattle Genetics has undergone massive growth, transforming from a novice to a renowned entity. Despite this remarkable achievements, Clay visualizes an even bigger future, with the company becoming a global figure. Siegall also believes that current oncologic procedures such as chemotherapies have their days numbered, as the industry embraces the up and coming targeted therapies which are far more efficient and bearable.


Clay developed an interest in medicine and technology from a tender age. The passion for developing cancer therapy came to him while he was an undergraduate. A close relative of his was a cancer patient, who had chemotherapy administered on him. The effects of the medication were adverse and almost deadly, so Clay embarked on a mission to find a more sustainable alternative. The motivation to have autonomy as well as make money also drove Clay to inaugurate Seattle Genetics.


Seattle Genetics makes money in many ways, among which the primary means is through direct sales of products and services. Also, the company gets a significant proportion of profits from leasing out technologies they pioneered. The company had a tough stat, but everything started to run smoothly after conducting the IPO. At a given period, the company almost went on its knees, as the capital was almost depleted.


The company employs sales staff that are well acquainted with pharmaceutical products and terminologies. For this reason, they have maintained a respectable number of customers in their client base. The institution also ensures that there is a close rapport between them and their clientele.