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Doug Levitt Offers A Voice For The Silenced Strugglers

Struggling Americans are looked at in many different ways. None of them are respectful. They are instead looked at as if they are less important than others. There is also a stigma that has been placed on people who have less than others. As a result, struggling Americans are often ignored at best. In many cases, people who are down on their luck are just left with no other option than to just take it. Fortunately, there is someone who is around to give a voice to the struggling Americans. He is Doug Levitt. He has traveled for years on Greyhound collecting stories from struggling Americans.


Doug Levitt has a heart for the struggling. It concerns him that so many people that have been fortunate pay very little regard to those who are put in a position where they have to struggle. Often times, people find themselves in a position where they have no choice but to start over. Doug has recorded plenty of stories throughout the years, and he will tell people that there is a lot of diversity to the stories. There are plenty of factors and unpredictable circumstances that could land someone in an unfavorable circumstance.


Among the circumstances that have led to people struggling are betrayals, broken relationships, dishonest handling of finances at the hands of institutions, and plenty of other circumstances. Often times, the struggling American is there as a result of being victimized. Then the cycle continues as they experience harsh treatment from people who turn a cold heart to those who are less fortunate than them. One thing that Doug hopes to do is fight the stereotype about the less fortunate. Once the stigma and stereotypes life, then the struggling Americans will be looked at in a more favorable light. The Greyhound Diaries hopes to contribute to the enlightenment of people towards the hardships that are faced by the less fortunate.