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Matt Badiali and Solid Investments

     Matt Badiali is an individual who likes to talk about investment matters. That’s the reason he regularly offers his insight to a company that’s known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing focuses on helping people learn about investment methods that are secure, intelligent and reliable. Badiali is someone who does his homework about investments. He cares deeply about investments and isn’t afraid to travel the globe for insight. He’s been to Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Haiti and Singapore. Badiali has spent time near more mines than most people can grasp. He’s toured a vast range of oil wells located all around the planet, too. He’s conducted many interviews with CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). He’s assessed many geologic reports of all types.

Badiali is a seasoned geologist who also happens to be an investment aficionado. He’s an expert in natural resource investments. Natural resource investing can be potentially rewarding. It can help people access significant and rapid gains. People who want to do well in natural resource investments can learn a lot from Badiali. He writes a Banyan Hill Publishing column that’s known simply as “Real Wealth Strategist.”

People who know about Badiali know that he’s someone who puts a lot of time into research and studying. He can talk to people in substantial detail about all subjects that relate to the agricultural, energy and mining industries. He’s learned about natural resources for more than twenty years. He’s done a lot of work on drill rigs throughout the years. He’s even had oil wells he could call his own, surprisingly enough. He didn’t do all of this work without good reason, however. He did all of it in order to achieve his natural resource investment objectives.

Badiali has spoken with so many individuals who have a lot of influence in the oil field. T. Boone Pickens is one prominent example. He’s even been on the same exact stage with Pickens. People who are familiar with the oil industry know a lot about Pickens. Badiali has strong relationships with Rick Rule and Ross Beaty as well.

Badiali knows how to write about profitable investments. He knows how to speak about them eloquently and clearly, too. He in the past was a geology instructor at both the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He enjoys teaching people about the ins and outs of rock-solid investments of all varieties.

Ted Bauman Service to the Community

     Ted Bauman is one of the professional editors serving at Banyan Hill Publishing. The experienced journalist joined the institution in the year 2013, and he has been working as the editor for several newsletters. These include Plan B, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. All his publications specialize in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international immigration issues and privacy. At the moment, the businessman resides with his family in Atlanta.

In his entire successful career life, Ted has been trying to help people in the society to get in touch with the right resources so that they can live a sovereign life. The journalist wants people to be free from corporate and government greed. Because he has observed the activities taking place on the international platform, Ted feels that people are not given the right channels to air their grievances and live a free life. His family background has motivated his choice of career.

According to Ted portfolio, the businessman was born several years ago in Washington DC. However, he was brought up in Maryland’s eastern shores. When he was older, Ted relocated and settled in South Africa, and this is where he spent his youth days. After working hard in his studies, the businessman graduated from the popular university of Cape Town with a degree in Economics and History. After completing his education, Ted worked in South Africa for more than twenty-five years, and he served in several top positions in the corporate world. The journalist served in the nonprofit making section, and he changed the lives of billions of people from the needy communities. The businessman worked as a fund manager for one of the low-cost housing projects in the country for a long time. Ted founded an institution known as Slum Dwellers International. With his help, the organization has helped more than fourteen million people who are living in thirty-five nations.

In the 2000’s, Ted felt that it was time to change his career path. This was when he decided to serve the nation as a consultant who would spend all his time researching and writing about finance, urban planning issues, and housing. His clients were diverse such as the United Nation, the South African government, World Bank and several others. The businessman decided to return to the United States in the year 2008. Upon arrival, the journalist was hired by several institutions before he could venture into journalism in the year 2013.

Jeff Yastine Journey to Becoming a Financial Reporting Expert

     Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. He graduated in 1986 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunication specializing in Electronic Journalism. He began his career as a Senior correspondent in Nightly Business Report (PBS). His primary role in PBS was to find stories on business finance and the economic trends and write those stories from the perspective of the investors and business owners. During his stint at PBS Jeff has some highlights which include national business Emmy award nomination for a piece he did on public work infrastructure. He also reported on Cuba flirtation with private companies and his travel along gulf coast reporting on BP oil spill and its impact. Jeff also did an article in mid-2000’s on the real estate crisis warning potential investors on the unsustainable rise of the 2000 bubble. He reported on the financial impacts hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005.

In 2011 Jeff moved to Oxford LLC and took the position of an editor where he was responsible for making sure of development of the editorial department. He was also in charge of seminars and marketing projects. Jeff then moved to Newsman Media Inc and became director of Financial Newsletters where he ensured premium reporting on financial matters.

Jeff then Moved to Banyan Hill publishing as the editorial director. The company looks for investment opportunities, deal with asset protection and wealth preservation to help American make sound financial decisions. The company name means growing outward and sends aerial roots towards the ground and later sprout, something the team of experts ensures they achieve. The company ensures that their clientele grows and establish their finances in the same way. The company gives support to the clients until they develop their investments through the company experts who have vast knowledge on technical analysis.

As an editorial director, he helps investors understand, economic and monetary trend and directing them towards profit-making opportunities. He has over the years done research and learned how the successful financiers make their money. He has played significant roles in company turnarounds. Jeff has received several awards, and in 2002 he was part of a journalist team that got an award from the New York state of certified public Accountants as result of excellence in financial reporting. Jeff has mastered financial reporting,and his contribution is recognized far and wide.

Matt Badiali a Natural Resource Expert and an Investment Advisor

     Matt Badiali is mining, energy and agricultural expert who has over twenty years worth of experience in natural resources. Badiali has served in the oil and mining industry for quite a long time with the aim of making profitable investments in natural resources. The work that Badiali is involved in requires a lot of research, and as a result, Badiali has widely traveled to different parts of the world seeking for knowledge in matters natural resources. Some of the countries that he has been to include, Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong and the Mexican desert among others. All the places he has visited are richly endowed with mineral resources.

Badiali is a hands-on manager, and in light of this he likes being on the ground meeting with other CEOs from the industry, investors and precious metal experts instead of sitting in his office. In addition, Badiali always wants to be updated with the latest technologies, discoveries, and trends in the industry. Badiali while on his ground tour has met and shares stage with iconic figures in the industry such as T. Boone Pickens the legendary oilman and Ross Beaty, the chairman of Pan American Silver among others. He has learned a lot about the industry from these people.

Badiali Besides being a natural resource enthusiast has also taught geology in some of the top universities such as the Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Badiali has also conducted geological researches and has presented the findings at Major geological conferences including world-renowned companies such as Anadarko and Exxon Mobil.

Besides all those accomplishments, one thing that Badiali is most passionate about and finds it fulfilling is providing investment advisory to his readers. Badiali has spent a better part of his life that is close to 11 years writing and researching on great investments in the natural resource sector. Badiali has written a lot of articles and publications on investment in natural resource. He is at a vantage point in offering investment advice to investors in the industry owing to his vast experience as a geologist and a financial analyst.

Matt Badiali is currently a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Before joining Banyan, Badiali served as a geologist for a mining company and was also a consultant to an environmental company.

Badiali attended Penn State University where he pursued a Bachelors of Science Degree in Earth Sciences. Badiali also holds a Masters in Geology which he acquired from Florida Atlantic University.

Highland Capital Provides Investment And Financial Advisory Service

Highland Capital Management is a leading firm in investment and wealth advisory. The company has been in business for a long time and its professionals are fully committed to rendering the highest quality service to clients.

Achieving financial success requires following a proven path, and experienced financial advisors or wealth advisory professional can provide the guidance and advice you need to accomplish that.

Professionals will help you to see the big picture and set a realistic goal before you start. They can go over your financial situation and make recommend what needs to be done and what investment options are suitable for you.

When you have a financial plan in place, you stop wasting valuable time and do whatever it takes to ensure great returns on investment. The advisors at Highland Capital can help reach your investment and financial goals.

If you want to work with a highly recommended team of investment and money management professionals, then get in touch with Highland Capital. Numerous companies and individual investors have relied on the expertise of Highland Capital to reach their goals.

Highland Capital is well known for providing superior money management, investment advisory and financial planning to organizations, entrepreneurs and others who want to receive top notch professional guidance. This highly regarded firm has well trained and knowledgeable financial advisors and money management professionals.

When you have a knowledgeable financial or investment advisory team on your side, you’ll find it easier to make good decisions on investment and financial matters. You’ll be able to focus on the right path to your goal.

Working with a renowned firm like Highland Capital can help improve your chances of attaining success as an investor. Having experts guiding and advising you, gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Highland Capital has the resources and expert team to help you understand what works and what to avoid in the investment arena. Selecting lucrative investment opportunities takes great expertise and should not be handled lightly. These professionals can help you start your investment portfolio or grow your existing portfolio of investments.

Here’s what to Know about the of Paul Mampilly’s Investment Path

     The road to business success is often paved with challenges, but this does not mean that success is unachievable. Paul Mampilly is a definition of achievement. He is a retired hedge fund manager and former winner of the coveted Templeton Foundation Investment Award.

Professional Highlights

Professionally, Paul has been a focused business leader and he boasts of more than 25 years in business finance management. In 1991, he worked at Deutsch Bank as a manager. He was able to manage popular investors’ accounts. His quality management skills enabled him to manage the Royal Bank of Scotland and Swiss Bank accounts. Years later, Mr. Mampilly joined Kinetics International Funds as a leader. He was able to expand and grow the company’s financial assets.

Between 2003 and 2006, Paul worked at Capuchin Consulting as an editor and manager. Though he founded this firm, he left it to seek for further investment opportunities. In 2008, he decided to take his investment options a little further and invested in Netflix. He was also able to bring vast financial growth to the firm. In 2015, Paul served shortly as an editor at Strawberry Research.

In 2012, Mr. Mampilly took an interest in Sarepta, a therapeutic company. He bought shares here and sold them later at a profit advantage of over 2000%. In 2016, Paul joined Banyan Hills Publisher as a senior editor. Here he has a weekly column where he discusses stock investment. He also uses Profits Unlimited to inspire many of his subscribers based on the financial knowledge gained from Wall Street.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an Indian born American investor and business leader. He possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance Accounting from Montclair State University and a Masters in Finance from Fordham University. Currently, Paul is keenly involved in companies he founded, mainly Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. He is also a senior editor at Banyan Hills Publishers.


Generally, Paul Mampilly is an impactful business leader. Everywhere he has worked, he ensures that his subjects get the best investment advice. He gets to tell them on the available profitable opportunities and when to properly invest. Though retired at the age 42, Paul continues to offer investment tips to willing Americans.


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The Background of Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur and advertising executive that operates his agency out of Brazil, his home country. He’s arguably best known for creating Neogama, an advertising agency founded in 1999, creating a big splash in the world of communications, public relations, and advertising.

In his natural progression of advancing his career, he’s worked at Ogilvy & Mather, DM9, Young & Rubicam, and aided countless organizations.

Playing off his surname, Neogama was formed in 1999 by Alexandre Gama himself. Having extensive experience with some of the most reputable, popular advertising agencies in the world, Mr. Gama was able to grow Neogama to unheard of proportions in its first three years, becoming recognized as the quickest growing advertising firm throughout 1999 to 2002.

Following the end of its third calendar year of operation, Mr. Gama partnered Neogama with an agency located in the United Kingdom called BBH. The partnership made a splash in the world of advertising in its first year, earning an award from Meio e Mensagem titled Agency of the Year, also known as the Caboré trophy.

While Mr. Gama himself has won a plethora of Cannes’ Lion awards, the partnership between BBH and Neogama earned an impressive two Lions in its second year of operation together, 2003.

Later on down the road, the international conglomerate Publicis Groupe purchased the partnership between Neogama and London-based BBH in 2012. Four years later, in 2016, Neogama pulled out of the deal, legally able to operate Neogama, although only within the borders of its home country of Brazil. This increased independence has instantly improved Neogama’s performance, as Alexandre Gama knows the ins and outs of his own agency better than anyone.

Neogama won yet another Lion, although this time a Golden Lion, for promoting a campaign that mixed together various sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

Alexandre Gama Advertising Advice

     Developing a solid marketing strategy is difficult. With the dynamic economy in Brazil, companies are having to react quickly to changes in the market. Many people do not understand the new ways to market to customers. With all of the new technology in marketing, now is a great time to be in the field.

Alexandre Gama is one of the leading marketing leaders in the world today. He spends most of his time consulting with companies that are trying to improve sales. Many companies in Brazil need to have different marketings strategies depending on the industry and client base.


Early Life

Alexandre Gama has always wanted to work in marketing. He had to work hard to get through college, but it was a great experience for him. He started an internship at a marketing company and he was hooked almost immediately.

He now works in a major advertising company. Some of his clients are the biggest companies in Brazil. With the growth of purchasing power in Brazil over the past few years, more customers are willing to spend money on a variety of products. This is one of the reasons that Alexandre Gama is doing so well at his company.

Social Media

One of the most complicated aspects of marketing is utilizing technology to your advantage. There are many companies that do not understand how to use social media to attract customers. With all of the changes in social media, companies must constantly innovate with their marketing plans.


Bruno Fagali’s Fight against Corruption

     The Brazilian public finance department has been criticized for the lack of checks and balances to interrogate corporate deals. This is a matter that has drawn the attention of one of the greatest Brazilian lawyer, Bruno Fagali. Fagali has over the years been involved in cases to do with equitable distribution of public resources as a well as integrity in the corporate world. He has done a commendable job in bringing sanity in the corporate world by initiating concrete process to vet and verify the integrity of corporate contracts with the government. This is his area of expertise and he is very popular for it.

Bruno Fagali began his legal journey as a student of law in Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He graduated with a degree in administrative law in 2009 although he still went ahead to pursue a master’s degree. Bruno Fagali is very good with regulatory laws his passion being driven by his love for equity among the people. He has built an empire from his legal knowledge on matters to do with corporate integrity. Many players in the corporate world have sought his input in their financial dealing. With his great advice and integrity procedures, many have benefited from his programs.

Bruno Fagali is a master in the advisory public contract law where he has since specialized. In a country marred with scandals and incidences of corruption from all fronts, people like Fagali play a major role in settling the criminal tendencies among such individuals. In Brazil, Bruno commands a great following from the public and great respects from the corporate world and the government. He is indeed a member of the society of corporate compliance and ethics. Corruption and illegal contract dealings are the major vices that can wake Bruno up in the middle of the night to deal with.

The Story Behind Alexandre Gama’s Foundation of Neogama

     Dating back four decades, in 1982, Alexandre Gama earned the position of copywriter and content creator at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, today known as Ogilvy & Mather. Gama moved from his hometown of Rio de Janeiro to the Big Apple, or New York, New York, to work for Ogilvy & Mather, effectively demonstrating his desire to succeed in the competitive world of advertising.

At the turn of the decade, in 1990, Gama decided to leave his long-standing, fruitful post at the American-based agency to join DM9, an advertising agency tucked away in the heart of Brazil. Alexandre was fortunate enough to earn the managerial titles of creative director and lead copywriter, for which he held for four years prior to working for other advertising agencies. In that four-year span, Mr. Gama had earned more awards than any other advertising agent in the entire country of Brazil.

His next three employers were Almap BBDO, in which he was a major stockholder and the CED, Y&R – formerly Young & Rubicam – as CEO and CCO, then Member of the Global Board. After serving in various positions for these five organizations, he founded the ever-successful, self-named advertising Neogama in 1999, having since completed more than any other advertorial worker in Brazil.