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Bradesco Is Brazil’s Largest Bank In Acquisition Finance According To New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

     Brazilian companies aren’t wasting any time. Companies are going public in 2017 faster than anyone expected. IPOs on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange are three times higher than the three previous years combined. The uncertainty surrounding the 2018 elections are prompting more financial activity, and that’s not a bad thing according to the new Chairman of the Board of Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco isn’t a novice when it comes to IPO offerings and mergers and acquisitions. Bradesco is Brazil’s largest acquisition bank. Chairman and CEO Trabuco plays an important role in the bank’s attempt to become the largest bank in the country. Some Brazilians already think Bradesco is the largest bank because Itaú Unibanco, the country’s largest private bank, tends to focus on the international market. Bradesco has a strong international presence, but most of the new programs Trabuco’s executive team puts in place are programs Brazilians can use. A good example is the bank’s Next platform and the bank’s palm reading program for online banking.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the new Chairman of the Board because his friend and mentor Lázaro de Mello Brandão is retiring. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is only the second chairman in the bank’s history, so that makes Trabuco only the third man to sit on the bank’s board as chairman. Brandão is the 91-year-old banker who began his finance career with Bradesco when the doors of the bank opened for the first time. He is the godfather of Brazilian bankers, according to Bradesco’s executive team. Under his guidance, Bradesco is now one of the top ten banks in the world. But even though Brandão is retiring, he will still be available for consultations and advice. He may be stepping down from the chairmanship, but he’s not leaving the banking world, according to Trabuco. Brandão will still have a desk and a computer. The people who want to learn about the highs and lows that make banking such a fascinating and rewarding profession will still come to Brandão for advice.

One of the people who will still call on Brandão for advice is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Even though Trabuco is a well-respected and competent banker, he still needs people around him that understand sound financial decision making. Trabuco banking career may not be as long as Brandão’s 73 years of service, but Trabuco’s 48 years with the same bank is pretty impressive. Trabuco got into the bank’s training program in 1969, and by 1984 he was one of Bradesco’s rising stars. When Seguros, Bradesco’s insurance division, needed a new president in 2003, the bank gave the job to Trabuco. And for six years, Trabuco was responsible for turning in 30 percent of the bank’s yearly income. In 2009, the board gave him the CEO position, and he didn’t disappoint the board. Bradesco makes billions of dollars a year thanks to Trabuco and his executive team. One of those team members will be the next CEO. That announcement will come at the beginning of 2018, right before the annual shareholders meeting in March.

The candidates for the CEO position are current executive team members. The list of candidates includes human resource manager Andre Cano. Insurance president Octavio de Lazari, and Mauricio Machado de Minas, the bank’s IT chief are also candidates. Investment chief Marcelo Noronha is also one of the board’s picks. But chief lending officer Domingos Figueiredo Abreu might be the next CEO, but no one is ruling out chief operations specialist Josué Augusto Pancini, according to some bank employees, But Alexandre da Silva Glüher, the man responsible for the 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian operations, may be the best candidate for the job.

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The many Titles of Tony Petrello: Father, Husband, CEO, Philanthropist, and Cure Seeker

     Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is known for success in business, but also his generous giving. He is not the stereotypical greedy company exec looking for how he can horde finances. Tony, however, is just the opposite. Tony is a generous giver to the medical field. He desires to give his finances, sources, time, and energy to help promote research and advancement to find medical solutions to complex problems.

One of the reasons for Tony being so compassionate is because he understands. Born prematurely, his daughter Carena at the age of 7 finally began to eat for the first time. He watches his daughter in amazing of such a simple day to day tasks most take for granted. Prematurity caused, PVL, which is periventricular leukomalacia, a disease that when babies are born early can be diagnosed with reducing oxygen to the brain. The PVL eventually caused cerebral palsy, which causes deficiencies in motor control. This happening at birth delayed her development so much that traditionally learned tasks for Carena took much longer than the usual child. Tony and his wife Cynthia got down on their knees praying, then they also began investing fortunes into research in the hopes of finding a cure for their daughter. Tony has always been quite the determined individual.

Tony graduated from Yale with his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics. He then went to study at Harvard Law. Knowing he could land a decent job anywhere, he never settled and eventually landed the position as CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is now known as the largest oil drilling contractor company around the world. With the company running smooth, Tony spends as much time with his family as possible. Doctors examine Carena on a daily basis as Tony can enjoy her exuberant and purposeful life. He explains his daughter as someone who can shine a light in the darkest of circumstances, a real joy. Her heart and life through the troubling illness encouraging him to fight for others and for her to find a cure.

Tony plans on being a great contributor to the search for their daughter’s medical freedom. Donating a total of $5 million dollars now, Tony and Cynthia pledged an additional $2 million dollars. With a combination of his hard work and success and life circumstances, Tony has been placed on a unique road to continue as a beneficiary for many.

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Jeff Yastine Says That Biometric Cybersecurity Is The New Powerful Tool Against Hackers

     Computer security or cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a main concern for business owners owing to unprecedented cases of data breaches. Recent high profile security attacks include a US bank that lost over $45 million in 24 hrs, eBay where details of more than 140 million users was exposed and Target retail chain in the United States where 100 million credit card information of clients were stolen. As technology grows, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated given that they are employing technical methods to attack computer networks. Cyber criminals seek to access crucial information like financial details, personal details, credit card information or other details that can sell or trade.

According to Jeff Yastine, an editor at Total Wealth Insider, the ongoing battle with hackers has forced organizations to embrace biometric cybersecurity. For instance, Wells Fargo, provides smartphone-based face, voice and eyeball biometric algorithms for clients that are on the digital banking platform. More banks, including Barclays and Citigroup are taking a similar approach to reduce the increased cases of cyber-attacks. This trend is expected grow as more organizations intend to invest heavily in computer security to avoid loss of money and protect their data. According to a market research firm, Tractica, cybersecurity investment is expected to be a $15 billion business in the next ten years.

For long, Jeff says that biometric trends have been used on various devices, including smartphones with fingerprint readers. The military uses the technology in iris scanners to identify suspected Taliban in Afghanistan. However, Jeff Yastine explained that newer algorithms are going beyond voice, face, eyeball or fingerprints. Behavioral biometrics allows a computer system to identify a user in case one identification factor is compromised. Some of these personal characteristics are the typing speed, finger patterns when typing on keyboard, how users press keys and how they hold computer mouse.

About Jeff Yastine

For more than two decades, Jeff Yastine has worked as a stock market investor. Jeff, who is also a financial journalist, is the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing where he helps investors to have a clear insight on economy and monetary trends while guiding them to lucrative investment opportunities. Yastine, who was once nominated for an Emmy business award, has interviewed prominent entrepreneurs and financiers like Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. Previously, he served as a correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report. His financial reports are highly regarded and have in the past helped investors avoid risky markets and instead, focus on profitable ones.


Get the Best Research and Investment Prospects from Matt Badiali

With his hands-on skills, this investment guru has done much regarding the issue of investing via using detailed research on how to gain more profit for your business. His approach in his work involves talking to everyone and ensuring that he goes where great information about empowering a company can be found. Having gone to Singapore, Hong Kong, Haiti, Turkey, Iraq, and even Switzerland, you know that the information you get from Matt Badiali is good to rocket your business to success. In his latest research, he talks about platinum and how essential it is to the market right now. Here are his findings.


Palladium replaces Platinum after prices soar

The price of this silver and gray metal began its steady rise in 2016. Since the said year, the price has doubled, and there are little signs that it will slow down. As a replacement palladium is used today, this metal is essential to the motor industry. It is significant when used to manufacture exhaust pipes as it makes the pollutants exuded less harmful. Previously, platinum was beneficial in this role, but it turned too costly. Nonetheless, palladium works as well as did platinum.

For diesel cars, platinum is essential; however, for the cars powered by Petrol, palladium is okay. Due to its essential nature in the automobile industry, there is a rise in its price that was made significant from 2001 to date and accrues more than platinum today.


Palladium versus Platinum

Concerning marketing, it is okay to note that though palladium is used in the automobile industry, platinum is what you require to be successful in the Bull Market. It costs at least 1.4 ounces of platinum to buy one ounce of gold. As such, it is imperative to note that the information from Matt Badiali can ensure that you profit from your investment.

As an editor and researcher, the information provided by this prolific guru is attained from sources that know what is good in a certain industry and what is good in the Bull Market.

Therefore, it is clear that Matt Badiali who has been a veteran in the Natural Resource Industry for the last two decades as well as an editor for an online and print magazine, he is knowledgeable when it comes to investing.

As mentioned, the metal you need to own right now is Platinum. The research done by Matt Badiali shows this to be true. It is information acquired from talking to CEOs of big companies’ world over. In addition, his training in geology involves the work that he does best.

American Institute of Architects Responsibility in Public Health

     Robert Ivy is the current president of the American Institute of architects. In his tenure, he has called the architecture society to evolve and to integrate themselves into the new trends. In the institute his primary focus is on building, design and construction however he encourages architects explore more. Aside from the standard fields, architecture can also venture into healthcare through innovative designs as Robert Ivy believes. Robert ivy has pushed the idea to an extent where during the annual meeting and the Clinton initiatives, the AIA, announced a decade worth program to cater for public health, sustainability and disaster management. The program encompasses grants or university students and competitions for development of applications and softwares in a competition known as Hackathons.

In a recent interview with the SmartPlanet, Robert ivy went on the various ways AIA will tackle public health. Architecture is a profession that dates from the period of draining swamps to the current monuments growing worldwide. It’s through design that the government invested heavily in the development of housing in New York. The process of building was meant to remove the deplorable conditions through the removal of substandard houses. In the past, architecture views are of a profession that concentrates only on the formalism than improving public health. However, with the coming generation, the institute encourages the architects to be in touch with the social, economic trends. The focus brings a culture that is more aware of their environment and role in public health.

Architecture has a responsibility to society by coming up with structures that reduce health hazards. Buildings construction should be in a way communicable disease have no chance of spreading. Buildings should be made taking into account sunlight access, fresh air and clean water. Choices of the materials used should also be in account; this is the few examples of how architecture id relative to health care.

The American Institute of Architecture hopes to give a positive impact to public health. The American Institute architects are a professional board for architects based in Washington, DC. The institute started in 1857 New York, with the aim of licensing architects. The institute is based on a category of member, namely; architect members, associate members, international association members, emeritus members and allied members. AIA is run by a board of directors and has more than 200 employees. Robert Ivy has received numerous awards for his contribution to editorial excellence in business media.

The Reporting Career of Jeff Yastine

     Passing knowledge to others for free is not quite an easy thing to do. Most people prefer keeping their investment or business secrets to themselves so that only their close friends or relatives benefit. However, Jeff Yastine is one impeccable man who is selfless. In the year 2015, he joined Bayan Hill Publishing company as the editorial director, a position he holds to date. His arrival to this position was not empty-handed, but with slightly over two decades of personal experiences having been trading in the stock markets as an investor. In addition, he worked as a financial journalist whereby he gained more knowledge in journalism.

His selfless act of sharing knowledge is vivid in his weekly articles to Bayan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily whereby he helps all types of investors to understand business and money trends. Whenever he spots a good gap in the market that can help in the generation of profits, he quickly highlights in his articles. Apart from the Sovereign Investor Daily, Jeff Yastine also contributes to Winning Investor Daily whereby he limits himself to economic and business matters.

Although his success is highly supported by his determination and input to his career, Jeff Yastine has gained a lot from individuals he emulates. He has successfully interviewed individuals such as Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Michael Dell who are the epitome of proper business and investments. This gives him an edge over other editors since he is more exposed to successful individuals as well his well-molded background in investments.

While Jeff Yastine has been reporting roles, he has been recognized and applauded on a number of occasions for helping investors in the avoidance of losses. For instance, he successfully predicted and warned investors about a real estate crisis that was about to occur in the mid-2000. This goes together with his warning about the unstainable rise of the dot-com bubble in 2000. That said, his analysis techniques are ideal and suit him best for his position in Bayan Hill Publishing Company.

Apart from analyzing economic figures in his country, Jess Yastine traveled to Cuba on two different occasions to make important reports. In the years 1994 and 2003, he was able to report perfectly on the roles of foreign investors in Cuba. His history and success have enabled him to pocket several awards, and he was nominated in the year 2007 by the Business Emmy Award for his incredible reporting on various American issues such as roads and bridges.

Matt Badiali and Solid Investments

     Matt Badiali is an individual who likes to talk about investment matters. That’s the reason he regularly offers his insight to a company that’s known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing focuses on helping people learn about investment methods that are secure, intelligent and reliable. Badiali is someone who does his homework about investments. He cares deeply about investments and isn’t afraid to travel the globe for insight. He’s been to Switzerland, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Haiti and Singapore. Badiali has spent time near more mines than most people can grasp. He’s toured a vast range of oil wells located all around the planet, too. He’s conducted many interviews with CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). He’s assessed many geologic reports of all types.

Badiali is a seasoned geologist who also happens to be an investment aficionado. He’s an expert in natural resource investments. Natural resource investing can be potentially rewarding. It can help people access significant and rapid gains. People who want to do well in natural resource investments can learn a lot from Badiali. He writes a Banyan Hill Publishing column that’s known simply as “Real Wealth Strategist.”

People who know about Badiali know that he’s someone who puts a lot of time into research and studying. He can talk to people in substantial detail about all subjects that relate to the agricultural, energy and mining industries. He’s learned about natural resources for more than twenty years. He’s done a lot of work on drill rigs throughout the years. He’s even had oil wells he could call his own, surprisingly enough. He didn’t do all of this work without good reason, however. He did all of it in order to achieve his natural resource investment objectives.

Badiali has spoken with so many individuals who have a lot of influence in the oil field. T. Boone Pickens is one prominent example. He’s even been on the same exact stage with Pickens. People who are familiar with the oil industry know a lot about Pickens. Badiali has strong relationships with Rick Rule and Ross Beaty as well.

Badiali knows how to write about profitable investments. He knows how to speak about them eloquently and clearly, too. He in the past was a geology instructor at both the University of North Carolina and Duke University. He enjoys teaching people about the ins and outs of rock-solid investments of all varieties.

Ted Bauman Service to the Community

     Ted Bauman is one of the professional editors serving at Banyan Hill Publishing. The experienced journalist joined the institution in the year 2013, and he has been working as the editor for several newsletters. These include Plan B, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. All his publications specialize in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, international immigration issues and privacy. At the moment, the businessman resides with his family in Atlanta.

In his entire successful career life, Ted has been trying to help people in the society to get in touch with the right resources so that they can live a sovereign life. The journalist wants people to be free from corporate and government greed. Because he has observed the activities taking place on the international platform, Ted feels that people are not given the right channels to air their grievances and live a free life. His family background has motivated his choice of career.

According to Ted portfolio, the businessman was born several years ago in Washington DC. However, he was brought up in Maryland’s eastern shores. When he was older, Ted relocated and settled in South Africa, and this is where he spent his youth days. After working hard in his studies, the businessman graduated from the popular university of Cape Town with a degree in Economics and History. After completing his education, Ted worked in South Africa for more than twenty-five years, and he served in several top positions in the corporate world. The journalist served in the nonprofit making section, and he changed the lives of billions of people from the needy communities. The businessman worked as a fund manager for one of the low-cost housing projects in the country for a long time. Ted founded an institution known as Slum Dwellers International. With his help, the organization has helped more than fourteen million people who are living in thirty-five nations.

In the 2000’s, Ted felt that it was time to change his career path. This was when he decided to serve the nation as a consultant who would spend all his time researching and writing about finance, urban planning issues, and housing. His clients were diverse such as the United Nation, the South African government, World Bank and several others. The businessman decided to return to the United States in the year 2008. Upon arrival, the journalist was hired by several institutions before he could venture into journalism in the year 2013.

Jeff Yastine Journey to Becoming a Financial Reporting Expert

     Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. He graduated in 1986 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunication specializing in Electronic Journalism. He began his career as a Senior correspondent in Nightly Business Report (PBS). His primary role in PBS was to find stories on business finance and the economic trends and write those stories from the perspective of the investors and business owners. During his stint at PBS Jeff has some highlights which include national business Emmy award nomination for a piece he did on public work infrastructure. He also reported on Cuba flirtation with private companies and his travel along gulf coast reporting on BP oil spill and its impact. Jeff also did an article in mid-2000’s on the real estate crisis warning potential investors on the unsustainable rise of the 2000 bubble. He reported on the financial impacts hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005.

In 2011 Jeff moved to Oxford LLC and took the position of an editor where he was responsible for making sure of development of the editorial department. He was also in charge of seminars and marketing projects. Jeff then moved to Newsman Media Inc and became director of Financial Newsletters where he ensured premium reporting on financial matters.

Jeff then Moved to Banyan Hill publishing as the editorial director. The company looks for investment opportunities, deal with asset protection and wealth preservation to help American make sound financial decisions. The company name means growing outward and sends aerial roots towards the ground and later sprout, something the team of experts ensures they achieve. The company ensures that their clientele grows and establish their finances in the same way. The company gives support to the clients until they develop their investments through the company experts who have vast knowledge on technical analysis.

As an editorial director, he helps investors understand, economic and monetary trend and directing them towards profit-making opportunities. He has over the years done research and learned how the successful financiers make their money. He has played significant roles in company turnarounds. Jeff has received several awards, and in 2002 he was part of a journalist team that got an award from the New York state of certified public Accountants as result of excellence in financial reporting. Jeff has mastered financial reporting,and his contribution is recognized far and wide.

Matt Badiali a Natural Resource Expert and an Investment Advisor

     Matt Badiali is mining, energy and agricultural expert who has over twenty years worth of experience in natural resources. Badiali has served in the oil and mining industry for quite a long time with the aim of making profitable investments in natural resources. The work that Badiali is involved in requires a lot of research, and as a result, Badiali has widely traveled to different parts of the world seeking for knowledge in matters natural resources. Some of the countries that he has been to include, Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong and the Mexican desert among others. All the places he has visited are richly endowed with mineral resources.

Badiali is a hands-on manager, and in light of this he likes being on the ground meeting with other CEOs from the industry, investors and precious metal experts instead of sitting in his office. In addition, Badiali always wants to be updated with the latest technologies, discoveries, and trends in the industry. Badiali while on his ground tour has met and shares stage with iconic figures in the industry such as T. Boone Pickens the legendary oilman and Ross Beaty, the chairman of Pan American Silver among others. He has learned a lot about the industry from these people.

Badiali Besides being a natural resource enthusiast has also taught geology in some of the top universities such as the Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Badiali has also conducted geological researches and has presented the findings at Major geological conferences including world-renowned companies such as Anadarko and Exxon Mobil.

Besides all those accomplishments, one thing that Badiali is most passionate about and finds it fulfilling is providing investment advisory to his readers. Badiali has spent a better part of his life that is close to 11 years writing and researching on great investments in the natural resource sector. Badiali has written a lot of articles and publications on investment in natural resource. He is at a vantage point in offering investment advice to investors in the industry owing to his vast experience as a geologist and a financial analyst.

Matt Badiali is currently a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Before joining Banyan, Badiali served as a geologist for a mining company and was also a consultant to an environmental company.

Badiali attended Penn State University where he pursued a Bachelors of Science Degree in Earth Sciences. Badiali also holds a Masters in Geology which he acquired from Florida Atlantic University.