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Talking to Tammy Mazzocco about her Life

Tammy Mazzocco is a common name in the real estate industry. While she may not have started as a real estate agent initially, Tammy Mazzocco has risen from a secretary working for Edwards Realty Company to become the best real estate agent. It’s during her time with Edwards Realty Company that she learnt her trade under the guidance of successful people in the field such as Mike Zelnik who still acts as a mentor to her. After leaving the firm, she began working with Scotland Yard Condominiums.

During her seven years with the Scotland Yard Condominiums, she managed to meet with Ken Cook who is also the owner of the company, and she had a lot to learn from the owner. She managed to acquire her license in the year 1995. Other companies that she has worked for include Judy Gang & Associates. She offers her services in different places that include Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware and Licking counties. These are counties found in the city of Ohio. Just the other day, Tammy Mazzocco talked to IdeaMensch about her life and here is what she had to say. Mazzocco at Facebook .

Tammy Mazzocco says that she begins her day by meditating and taking some light stretch. She then proceeds to her office where she checks her emails. She brings her ideas to life by researching, brainstorming issues and constructing prototypes before implementing a real life plan. To remain productive, Tammy Mazzocco says that she has learnt a habit of setting goals and then doing a follow-up that involves breaking the goals into action steps.

When asked to advise young people about succeeding in life, she says that they should learn to be determined, take things easy and live without the fear of failing in life. She says that she has succeeded by treating her client’s investment as one of his own. for more .