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Danilo Diaz Granados Delights South Florida with Special Event

Danilo Diaz Granados entertained visitors from a variety of reputable organizations on July 19, 2016 in Miami, Florida. The sensational itinerary mixed adventure with luxury in a one of a kind experience fit for Miami’s finest.

The day began with breakfast Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center. The upcoming residential center located in the Biscayne area exemplifies high class living, and guests were honored with a special tour. A half hour helicopter ride around the Palm Beach Race track took place after breakfast. Lunch featured Dom Perignon champagne. The company sponsored the event, and lunch was served at the River Boat Yacht Club, located on the Miami river.

While the sun went down, guests had the opportunity to take brand new boats out for a spin, thanks to the help of sponsors Technomar and Von Dutch. The unique opportunity to fly and enjoy the water exemplified Toys for Boys mission for high class living and memorable experiences. The day was altogether sensational, and was put on with the help of various sponsors such as Air Commander Aerospace, One Thousand Museum, and Gryphon Racing.

The host Danilo Diaz Granados graduated Babson college with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He also holds an MBA in Business Administration. Focusing on the needs of Latin American men to have luxury living, he opened his boutique Toys for Boys in Miami. It features high-end cars, watches, contemporary art and fashion which exemplifies class in South Florida and the world. Granados offers the men of Miami unique products fit for a king.