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OneLogin Packages for SMEs

Cyber-attacks have become common today and more so costly to manufacturers. Since manufacturers are now embracing technology, they store a lot of sensitive online, and unfortunately, this information is targeted by cyber attackers. Some of the crucial information that can be found in a cloud-based system includes business plans, financials, NPI documentation, partner agreements, and mergers and acquisitions data. Derek Brink pointed out in his report that at least 10% of manufacturers that are faced with cyber attacks end up spending up to half a billion dollars in trying to revert the effect.

As such Onelogin, there is a need for excellent and efficient systems that would protect the data of companies. One of the most secure ways to connect with third party users is by giving them access to the company’s system. Even though this is a growing trend, it is important for such companies to understand that this should only be done when it is completely necessary. According to reports done by Verizon in 2016 and 2017 on cyber breaches, most of the cases involved weak, compromised or stolen credentials. As such, giving access to third parties should only be considered when proper measures have been put in place to ensure there is no loss of user productive or disruption of important systems due to data breaches.

What helps with preventing cyber attacks is ensuring that manufacturers consider a system with multiple authentication features. This is important because there are numerous occasions where an individual forgets their password. As a result, have a system that has an alternative authentication procedure could help in easing the work of the IT department.

Even as more and more manufacturers embrace the idea of networks, apps and data being made available to other partners in the enterprise, it is important to consider well-structured systems before rolling out this idea. In addition, the system should feature restricted permission features in all cases to ensure there is a hierarchy of sorts on who accesses what kind of company information. Even as compliance and cyber security features continue to evolve, it is clear that cyber attacks are the most thought after threats by IT heads.