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Gregory Aziz, The Prosperous CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of a Canadian company which manufactures railcars, National Steel Car. He has been the president and also the chairman of the company since he bought it in 1994 from Dofasco.

National Steel Car is the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. The company has won the TTX SECO award for more than ten consecutive years. Furthermore, it has enviably earned the ISO 9001:2008 Certification; one which no other company in North America has ever been able to achieve. National Steel Car is also among the top railcar companies worldwide. It has earned recognition, prestige, honor, and respect. Additionally, the company has expanded its regions to the whole of North America and further. Before, it was only the Canadian pride. Now, it is not only a North American Company but also an international company.

Gregory J Aziz is an expert CEO and manager of the NSC. His skills are undoubted, and his economic strategies are professional. He is also a man with a vision and has led the company to prosperity. He credits his abilities to the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics. A part of his experience is also credited to working with several investment banking opportunities in the New York around 1980s and 1990s.

The manufacturing capabilities of National Steel Car are a result of his able leadership of the company. He has prompted it to rise above its level, and within five years of its operation since the time he bought it, he was able to increase the number of manufactured cars yearly to 12,000 up from 3,500. Also, he was able to increase the employment to 3,000 up from 600 yearly.

Greg James Aziz credits the accomplishments of the company to the substantial contribution by their supporters and other individuals. The active employees as well, have contributed to the success of National Steel Car. Having an experience of over 100 years in the manufacture of railcars, National Steel Car has set a good reputation for itself. The company continues to come up with innovations and inventions of new cars and building many railroad freight cars every year.

Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, on 31st April 1949. He went through Ridley College, and later the University of Western Ontario. He joined his family’s company, Affiliated Foods in 1971. Greg is married to Irene, and the two have supported and funded several activities in Canada.