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Protect Our Society With Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System

Our Nation has the option to protect our citizens from the evil that occurs when the incarcerated possess cellular devices. The wireless capabilities of inmates with cellphones are endless. There have been instances of hits being put out on people in the general public, ordered by gang members in prison. While this is very alarming, I feel a sense of relief as I learn more about Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution.

Between July, 2016 to July, 2017 over 1.7 million inmate calls were blocked throughout 8 facilities using Securus Technologies’ system! While there are states that restrict the ability to “jam” signals or avert them entirely; Florida is turning to technology that can be more selective, allowing them to maintain inmate wireless connectivity. In March of 2017, ex-corrections officer Robert Johnson, spoke before the Federal Communications Commission when they were having a hearing to address the control of contraband cellphones in prisons. The Federal Communications Commission regulates airwaves used by cellphone providers, so it plays a major role in this issue.

Johnson was a corrections officer for 15 years. Primarily, his job was to seize anything inmates weren’t suppose to have, including cellphones; which eventually led to an inmate placing a hit on him. Not only was there a hit placed on Johnson, but also on a 9-month-old baby. Unfortunately, the baby was not as lucky as Johnson and did not make it. These events fueled Johnson’s determination and motivated him even more to make a difference. Johnson now works closely with Securus Technologies to ensure the best outcome of this system and safety overall. They do provide paid calls for inmates in prison, but it’s using the Wireless Containment System to prevent any intrusion of unauthorized contact with an inmate, whether it be an outsider or the inmate trying to communicate past the walls of confinement.

Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution has already displayed a positive outcome, that also has benefits. They put up a cellphone network. Once an inmate’s phone receives their connection and they try to dial out or receive a call, Wireless Containment Solution gets to decide the outcome. The antenna sends out waves which secure wireless use from inside the prison, regardless of whether the calls are going to the prison or coming from the prison. The prisoners will think all is normal when trying to use their phones, until only known and allowed numbers are able to connect; thus all other calls are immediately dropped. There is the option to connect with 911, if necessary.

I am all for Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System. They have also already invested over 40 million dollars and counting into their Wireless Containment System. I think it should become a movement across the United States. Using this system has already blocked millions of calls in just one year’s time! This means safer streets, homes, and families. It also means the prisoners are actually being punished rather than having the same luxuries as a normal, law-abiding citizen. I would love to get the word out about the benefits every prison or corrections facility gives to the public, and receives by eradicating wireless communication by the incarcerated.