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Stream Energy Wholeheartedly Welcomes David Faranetta as The Executive Vice President and CFO

Stream Energy is a popular choice for consumers and businesses in Texas as well as surrounding areas. Consumers who want affordable and clean energy solutions to power their homes and offices often think of Stream Energy when its time to install solar panels, and here is why. This firm toils every day to ensure that their staff members consist of only the best, versatile and highly skilled professionals that are dedicated and committed to their cause.


In November 2017, Stream Energy welcomed yet another leader as part of their firm, and David Faranetta was glad to accept the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.


The tasks assigned to David Faranetta included managing and overseeing the company’s fiscal resources, planning commercial activities and supervising essential functions such as accounting, treasury and tax related activities.


As a professional with vast experience in the energy sector, David Faranetta will be helping Stream Energy with executing strategically based leadership decisions. Since David Faranetta has been a follower of this firm for many years, he was both excited and glad to finally work with this clean energy provider. View the Company reviews at


David Faranetta was welcomed to the team of leaders at Stream Energy by the president and CEO Larry Mondry. His experience in the industry while working as a CFO of TXU Energy along with other firms, is expected to help him as the new financial officer to improve the commercial operations of Stream Energy while ensuring that his contributions play a significant role in aiding to the development of the firm.


The need for adding a new leader to the operations of Stream Energy was necessary as this firm is steadily growing every year. Stream energy has become the leading choice for an increasing number of people because this direct selling company offers solutions to consumers at a subsidized rate without the need for third parties to get involved. Stream Energy is successfully cleaning up Texas along with other states by offering reliable solutions that ensure that the world is not polluted much more than it already is. They aim to reduce the use of energy created by coal and other substances that clog our atmosphere with smoke, smog and other harmful chemicals. Founded in 2004, this energy provider has been dedicated to doing more good for the environment compared to other leading suppliers of renewable energy.