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End Citizens United Looks Back At Its Impact On The Alabama Election

The special election in Alabama seemed to be an easy victory for Republican candidate Roy Moore until details of his private life and extreme beliefs began to make their way into the mainstream news. End Citizens United joined with many to celebrate the decision by the people of Alabama to elect Democrat Doug Jones to the Senate as the PAC hoping to repeal the Citizens United decision of 2010 had endorsed Jones early in his campaign; the PAC revealed they had been one of the first endorsers of the former attorney who received around $600,000 in financial support from the members of End Citizens United to his campaign.

The grassroots movement to create a new way of ensuring the democratic system remains intact across the U.S. has been spearheaded by End Citizens United as increasing numbers of the electorate become concerned about the state of politics in the U.S. in the 21st-century. End Citizens United had been an active participant in the campaign to elect Doug Jones as he ran a campaign based on small grassroots donations including those from End Citizens United members who provided around $12 in donations on average for a total of over $600,000. The endorsement of End Citizens United came in September 2017 at a time when the majority of voters were convinced Moore was a Republican shoe-in for the Senate.

End Citizens United had made the decision to back Doug Jones as a number of problems were raised by the candidacy of Roy Moore for the traditional Political Action Committee. Firstly, Roy Moore offered a number of campaign promises which directly opposed the work of End Citizens United including the promise to fight to repeal the Johnson Amendment barring tax-exempt groups from making political donations.

The tide of public opinion began to turn against Roy Moore when allegations of his conduct were made by a series of women but End Citizens United had already taken the election fight to Moore earlier in the campaign by highlighting the racism, bigotry, and sexism of the candidate long before questions were raised about his private life. By endorsing the candidacy of Doug Jones, End Citizens United believes it was responsible for starting the change in fortunes seen by the Democrat as the campaign continued.

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George Soros Political Stand

George Soros, the 85 year Hungarian, committed over $25 million on Hilary Clinton’s behalf, along with other Democratic candidates, is making a comeback. Known as the leading boogey man of conservatives, George Soros has recently but quietly come back as the funder of Democratic politics. People close to Soros have been said to say that he has seemed more engaged in politics then he has seemed to of been in recent years

The motivation has been said to of come from his faith in Clinton and his fear of Donald Trump, which he seems to think, is possibly doing the work of ISIS. Clinton’s campaign has been helped by the mobilization of the richest. It has allowed Clinton to be able to build a huge campaign that overbeats Trump. On Thursday Hilary is supposed to accept the presidential nomination where Soros is supposed to attend to watch. Needing to closely monitor the situation of the economy in Europe, though, Soros had to cancel attending the event. Know more on about George Soros.

Seen as an upside for Clinton, Soros was known to of been willing to put out the cash in all efforts to beat Donald Trump. The donations and the efforts put forth by the richest benefactors have been seen to of helped Clinton’s campaign. By the end of June Soros had already donated about $7 million dollars towards supporting Clinton called Priorities USA Action. He has also been said to possibly be donating another $3 million to the group. Marc Elias partly runs the group “The Voting Rights Trust”. The group disclosed its donors which also mean Soros donations are formally and publicly told to the government. American Votes is another group that George Soros has also committed $2 million to. Soros was found to of said that he supported Hilary Clinton but that he was not too fond of Obama which was started by Wood along with other statements in an interview at a center city bar. Clinton was then included in End Citizens United which was said to of received from Soros a $5,000 check. Johnathon Soros was then found to not want to comment on his father’s political giving increase. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Venezuela Has a National Assemblyman Who Cares

Jose Gonzalez is one of Venezuela’s National Assembly leaders who condemns half measures when it comes to fixing the very real problems the socialist democratic country is facing. He points out that many of the current populist government of Venezuela issue edicts which are completely unrealistic and unenforceable as law. One such recent law change that seemed quite positive, on the face of it, was a raise in the country’s minimum wage. His practical views have made him one of the most trusted leaders in Brazil. His dedication to ending corruption in the National Assembly has ended up taking too much of his time, but he believes good progress is being made.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is completely dedicated to being the most-effective leader for his countrymen as he can. And, he does correctly blame the people who are still desperately clinging to populism as the base of all the country’s still outstanding issues. For instance, he points out that that trade embargo placed on his country is directly attributable to the populist policies. He works hard to increase the success of all the myriad small businesses located throughout his homeland. He just will no longer put up with half-baked, pie-in-the-sky solutions to real problems that need real solutions that actually work.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a strong and fair leader who did not originally seek any role in leadership. However, his expertise in the agricultural sector promoted his appearance as a National Assemblyman. He has led the country in fixing the problems with food production and improving Brazil’s huge aggro exporting business. He has proved to be a most-dedicated public servant that the majority of the populace approve of. It is likely that Gonzalez will become even more important as many of his innovative solutions lead Venezuela through its current challenges. This will be especially in the agriculture sector.