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So Many People Are Now Getting To Know About FreedomPop Services

FreedomPop has become known by many because of everything that they are offering to their customers. With so many people looking for a better way to obtain wireless services, without having to pay high prices, many are finding that FreedomPop has everything that they are looking for. With free cell phone services as well as low-cost paid services, FreedomPop can accommodate anyone with any kind of wireless needs. Take a FreedomPop review for instance, many of them will talk specifically about the free phone service because it’s one of their longest-running programs.


The free service doesn’t come with a cell phone but can have one shipped out to the customer by having them pay for it on the FreedomPop website. With a cell phone costing as little as $10, it’s easy for anyone to get a smartphone that they love from FreedomPop. Even though the free service has been around for a while, things have changed, including the amount of the services that are being offered with the free plan. There are 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and the text messages are unlimited with the free service.


Anyone who has chosen the free service can use it on one of two types of phones, which is a GSM phone or a CDMA phone from Sprint. Those who are going to use a GSM phone must first ensure that the network lock is completely removed, allowing it to be used on the FreedomPop network. Also, a FreedomPop sim card must be obtained from the company to use it any GSM phone, regardless of which plan is chosen. Speaking of choices, there are several other cell phone service choices, such as the paid plan for $10.99.


The paid plan is very popular because of the unlimited talk and text, but there is only 500 MB of data included with this plan. Adding the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service plan to a cell phone for only five dollars per month will give unlimited data to anyone who is in need of it, especially if they don’t have the unlimited everything plan. The $19.99 unlimited everything plan is truly the most popular plan from FreedomPop because it has unlimited data as well as unlimited talk and text. The unlimited everything plan can also be used with a Sprint phone as well as a GSM phone that takes a sim card.