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Vincent Parascandola; Becoming Fantastic

Today Vincent Parascandola is affectionately known as the phenomenal Senior Executive Vice President over the company AXA US. He has been with AXA Equitable since the year of 2005 when he first stepped up to the plate as the team’s Executive Vice President and later became the company’s President over the Advantage Group in January of 2008. After serving as the President over the Advantage Group for a year, Vincent moved on to be appointed as the President over the Northern Division of the company for another year before moving on to a new position in the company as the President of the Continental Division. Later, in the January of 2013, Vincent Parascandola took the space of the Continental Division’s Chief Sales Officer along side his role as the Division’s President, before landing on his current role as the Senior Executive Vice President over the branch AXA US.

Before joining in on the team of the AXA Equitable company, Vincent Parascandola took part as a fine member of The MONY Group, where he began as the company’s Financial Professional. Moving up at an astronomical rate of success, Parascandola jumped quickly up from his initial position in to the role of Sales Manager and then later as the company’s managing Director. In the year of 1998, Vincent Parascandola moved up one last time in the company known as The MONY Group to become their Field Vice President which he stayed as for the next seven years before moving on to join the AXA Equitable which has brought him up to where he has always been meant to be as a role model for excessive successes.

Vincent Parascandola grew up going to the Xaverian High School which is a private Catholic school located in New York, New York. After graduating from the institute, Vincent went on to become accepted by and attend the Pace University Lubin School of Business where he studied and dedicated much of his time learning all that he could so that he could achieve his Bachelors in Computer Science before going on to master greatness and inspire others.