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Jose Henrique Borghi

He is one of the leading persons in advertising in Brazil. His career started in 1989 when he worked with an advertising firm, Ogilvy. Jose Henrique Borghi is a creative genius having come up with, most of the favorite advertisements in Brazil. Among the leading publications included a feature against prejudice for people with Down syndrome.

He has created posters for multinationals such as Unilever, Fiat, and Mitsubishi. Borghi experience of over twenty years has enabled him to develop adverts that were successful in that the companies met their targets. He is not only famous in Brazil but the world around as well. The talking Parmalat mammals Advocating for wildlife conservation is one of his creative works.

According to him, advertising companies ought to come up with the fascinating advertisement to meet their target customer due to competitiveness in the market. After working for many years in different countries, Jose set up an advertising firm Mullen Lowe alongside Andre Gomes. Anyone looking for an advertising company in Brasil can hire Mullen Lowe.

Jose leadership has enabled the firm to contract some of the big clients. Jose has won many awards as the professional advertiser of the year. The awards have helped him in building confidence with potential customers. Due to the vast experience that Borghi acquired in his earlier years, he succeeded in starting a firm BorghiErh Creative Intelligence with Erh Ray. Watch Video .

The company which began in 2002, coupled with brands is the current Mullen Lowe. Mullen Lowe provides solutions to all advertising needs since it has a set of skilled consultants. Brasil advertising needs to meet the target audience. Creativity captures an audience and makes them aware of a new product or service. Additionally, it helps edge out competitors in industry. Mullen Lowe advertising firm serves all kinds of clients, corporate and individuals. for more .