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Brilliant Investor behind the Success of Capital Group

Tim Armour, CEO of Capital group, applauded Warren Buffet for being one of the smartest investors. This is after Warren Buffet placed $ 1 million to a charity that is capable of giving him better returns instead investing in S&P 500 which is not an active investment, is costly, and above all, has high risks. According to Tim Armour advice to investors, he said that low-cost investment is the real deal as long as you are ready to be patient with it.

During the shareholders meeting, Warren Buffet advised shareholders on how investing in a mutual fund, in the long run, is the worst decision. This is because it attracts high management cost fees and the its risk are hard to predict, therefore for investors to be on the safe side, they need to make sure that their investments are of low cost . Warren Buffet was of the idea that investors should hire the best fund managers to help them in investing smartly.

Tim Armour advises investors to find smart and active financial managers who can follow market trends. This will help investors to be active and relaxed.

Tim Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital group. He also serves Capital Research and Management as the principal executive officer and chairs the Capital Group Management Committee. His 34 years of experience is all with the Capital Group. Tim studied at Middlebury College, pursuing a degree in economics.

He started his career at Capital after being a participant in The Associates Program, after that he worked as the one in charge of U.S service companies and international telecommunication as the portfolio manager.

Tim Armour led the partnership of Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management for establishing asset management products meant for Korean Markets. The agreement will help in coming up with asset allocation products and retirement solution. According to Tim, the partnership will help to come up with a plan to enable Korean investors to come up with investment solutions.

The success of Capital group can be attributed to Tim Armour for always making a smart investment on behalf of the Capital Group.