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Jeff Yastine Talks about Competitors that can take on Amazon

The Editorial Director of Banyan Hill recently published an article regarding worthy Amazon competitors that investors can consider. In late 2017, he published an article talking about Embraer, a Brazilian based company involved in the manufacture of planes. Among the things, he pointed out was how the company was quickly winning manufacturing contracts for both civilian and military planes.

Yastine in December also advised investors to explore at mergers as well as acquisitions to make profits. Just the way he had predicted earlier on, there was a 30 percent increase for Embraer’s shareholding a few days after Boeing revealed its plans of buying the company. Although the deal is not yet complete, there are high hopes that it will go through and the existing shareholders are set to benefit. Nonetheless, there are still companies in different sectors set to merge, and any curious investor would not want to be left out.

Jeff Yastine’s Analysis on Amazon competitors

In his article, Yastine pointed out that he predicts an increase in mergers and acquisition in the retail sector. He noted that finding a competitor that can square out with Amazon has not been easy. He said that although Walmart tried to do so by matching services, it is still not a worthy competitor. However, he is optimistic that it won’t take long before Amazon gets stiff competition. Jeff Yastine pointed out eBay as one of the potential candidates if Google was to purchase it as it has been alleged.

The other investment opportunity to watch according to Yastine is Kroger Co. Although the grocery chain’s stock reduced by almost 35 percent recently, he says that investors should not be scared of that. According to Jeff Yastine, Kroger Co. has over 3,000 stores across the U.S and that it was because of its powerful marketing strategy for organic foods that resulted in Whole foods to partner with Amazon in the first place. Besides Koger CO., Yastine thinks that Grainger is another potential company where investors can put their money. The company sells industrial supplies for cleaning, storage, office duties among many others.

Jeff Yastine Joined Banyan Hill publishing as an editorial Director in 2015, and he is currently the editor of Total Wealth insider. He has over two decades experience as a stock market investor as well as financial journalism. Top Wealth Insider is one of the highly ranked one-stop shops for financial insights and investment opportunities information. His experience and in business has gained the Total Wealth Insider a lot of followers and readers