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ClassDojo is A Unique and Fun Way To Have Class

ClassDojo is a unique app that helps parents, teachers, and students get together digitally so they all can be on the same wavelength when it comes to learning. It works with Android, Ios, and Kindle Fire and is free to students and teachers.

ClassDojo can send messages, photos, and videos. If a student has a project in the works and he or she wants to show it off to mom and dad, they can just shoot a photo of it or send a video. In the mornings the teacher can check the parental messaging system and see if there are going to be any absences due to illness or for any other reason.

Teachers can send a broadcasting message to all parents, set schedules, and advise parents in regard to coming events. Parents can look in on class, or send a private message to the teacher about concerns for their children.

ClassDojo is actively being used in 90 percent of the kindergarten through eighth-grade classes in the USA, and in over 180 countries all over the world. It has been translated into over 35 different languages worldwide.

The original purpose for ClassDojo came about by listening to teachers and their concerns. The goal was to help students learn the “soft skills” of developing their educational traits such as curiosity, persistence, and focus. These skills are difficult to measure because they seem intangible, but real progress doesn’t take place unless they are mastered.

During class the teacher can give feedback by “pinging” a student’s avatar, a little cartoonish representation of the student. Students can get points for good behavior, participation in class discussions, and good listening skills, for example. Conversely, if a student misbehaves points can be taken away. When other students hear the ping, a subtle peer pressure helps to control the direction and tone of the class.

The whole focus is on social and emotional learning which are powerful forces. These skills will also be carried with the students as they move on in life as well. The ClassDojo devices are free to students and teachers and are totally secure.