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The Work Of An Education Manager At Success Academy

At Success Academy, an education manager is always busy. He needs to see that the scholars have been placed in the right groups in order to go for their guided reading sessions. Besides, they have to speak to the parents of these scholars with special needs. This is to inform them about the progress of their child. Next is the analysis of results that is done with teachers. The education manager at Success Academy has to meet the New York City Committee members on Special Education regularly. This is to determine how to provide the best services to the scholars with special needs at Success Academy.


The logistics at Success Academy are not easy to handle. This would require complete administration of the New York State science, math, and ELA exams. This includes ensuring that each scholar has the right pencil, protractor, scale and compass and everything else that is required for the exam. It would also require arranging the testing accommodation for the scholars with special needs at Success Academy.


This way the education manager ensures that all the little things have been taken care of. Once all this is in order, the teachers, as well as scholars, can focus on their real job, which is learning.


This way the education manager has a lot to do on a daily basis. He would be part of the leadership team at Success Academy. The work would include interacting with the principal, besides the business operations manager, as well as teachers frequently.


This role is highly unique. Their job is to help the kids to succeed, but without teaching them directly. This would include the administering of the Fountas & Pinell reading assessment. This is done four times each year. This means making schedules with the education coordinator so that every scholar at Success Academy is tested.