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Shafik Sachedina Numerous Accomplishments

Dr. Shafik Husein Sachedina is very popular. People know him as an experienced dental surgeon who has helped many patients in the world. At the moment, Shafik is working as the head of a department at the prestigious Jamati Institutions.

The dentist was born many years ago in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. Shafik is currently based at the famous Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan in France.

In France, the businessman has several responsibilities. First of all, he is in charge of program and activity coordination at the Ismaili institutions. The institution was founded several years ago, and they are available in sixteen principle areas. The businessman also serves as the bridge that connects Central Asia Ismaili community institutions and the Aga Khan Development Network Programs.

Getting to this high level is not a walk in the park. The renowned doctor is highly experienced and educated, having attended some of the best schools in the world. According to his resume, the businessman went to the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School that is found in London. After graduating, Shafik chose to spend his career life practicing mostly in England. Many patients received treatment from Shafik while he was working in England.

Over the years, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has successfully managed to develop entrepreneurial interests, especially in the health department. At the Jamati Institutions, the entire work is voluntary. While he is not working at the institution, the businessman takes his time to attend to one of his companies known as Sussex Health Care. The doctor also holds several positions in various organizations. Some of these include FOCUS, Ismaili Leaders International Forum, Aga Khan Development Network Committee and the Ismaili Council.

According to Sussex Health Care is not an ordinary healthcare company. The institution has been in the market for several decades, and it specializes in healthcare and support services, and it has attracted clients from all over the world. Sussex Health Care ensures that its customers get customized care services so that they are satisfied. Due to the company accomplishments, it has received numerous accreditations in the international platform. Some of these include the Health Quality Services and the ISO 9000:2000. The healthcare provider has the right management team at its disposal, and this has played a crucial role in its success. Shafik Sachedina has a top position in the company, and he ensures that the needs of the customers are met in time. The prices of the services are affordable too.


David Samadi’s Road To Success As A Urologist

David Samadi is popularly known for his innovative work as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital based in New York City. David has served in these prominent ranks since 2012. In the same year, Dr. Samadi got a posting to Hofstra North Shore School of Medicine as a Professor of Urology. This appointment received a full publication as a win for the medical school because of the reputation of Dr. Samadi’s excellence in his profession and also being on the edge of some of the most ground-breaking surgical advancements of his generation.

The personal background of Dr. Samadi sheds some light on how he has succeeded to accomplish so much in such a competitive sector. David fled a politically terrible condition in Iran in 1979 after the Iranian Revolution to continue with his studies abroad. In his high school years, Samadi studied at various schools in the U.S, Belgium, and London. It took him severe motivation and determination to travel throughout the world in search for a better future for himself and his family. Together with his brother, he finally made the United States his home and later graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University.

In respect to his remarkable academic aptitude and desire to succeed, Samadi was given a full scholarship to Stony Brook University. The award gave him the opportunity to take a big step closer to his eventual dream of becoming a medical specialist. He was admitted to S.U.N.Y., the Stony Brook’s School of Medicine and finished his studies with honors. Later, he received training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine to perfect his flairs as a urologist. After his practice, Dr. Samadi got honored as one of the most auspicious future specialists of urology.

Over the years, Dr. Samadi has specialized in urology and treating specific cancers, incorporating kidney, bladder and prostate cancer. His aptitude to think outside the box and give precedence to the needs of a patient in formulating a treatment plan won him a reputation for being entirely committed to assisting each patient to recover to the maximum of their ability. David has found new and productive ways of treating types of cancer in their initial stages with less invasive surgery, which has reduced the recovery period for patients and their vulnerability to ancillary infection. Apart from merely concentrating on providing treatment to as many patients as possible, Dr. Samadi is recognized for his widespread attention and willingness to take all-encompassing approaches to healthcare.

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Dr. David Samadi’s Upcoming Show to Play a Crucial Role in Breast Cancer Awareness

October has become known as the month of Breast Cancer Awareness (BCAM). Major breast cancer charities organize an international health campaign aimed at, among other things, increasing awareness about breast cancer. This year’s campaign gets a boost in form of a show hosted by Dr. David Samadi, Sunday Housecall LIVESTREAM. In a show to be broadcast on October 15, Dr. Samadi will interview Dr. CynaraCoomer. The latter is the Chief of Breast Surgery and Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital.

Dr. Cynara has dedicated her honorable career to helping women attain quality life by diagnosing and treating various tumors of the breast such as benign and malignant tumors. She is also passionate about creating awareness of breast cancer as it reduces the stigma associated with the condition as well as early detection which increases the chances of surviving the disease. Dr. Cynara’s lobbying resulted in the establishment of the first Comprehensive Breast Center on Staten Island. Once a colleague of Dr. Samadi at Lennox Hill Hospital, Dr. Cynara is at the forefront of fighting breast cancer, and Dr. Samadi describes her as an “esteemed former colleague.”

Although this Sunday’s show will be all about breast cancer, Dr. Samadi’s other shows will focus on different medical conditions afflicting both men and women as well as emerging trends in medical world. Dr. Samadi’s shows will be live every Sunday starting at 12:30 PM EDT. Interested viewers can stream the live show on Viewers are privileged to either call in or email their questions, strictly on health and wellness, which Dr. Samadi and his guest (s) will answer either during the live show or after the show.

Dr. Samadi’s current show is a culmination of other shows he has hosted. Between 2011 and 2016, he hosted “Sunday Housecall” on Fox News Channel. Beginning in March 2015, he started a radio program, “World Health News,’’ broadcast on New York City’s am970. Dr. Samadi has published numerous medical papers, articles, and journals and his blog and website,, are overflowing with crucial medical information.

A graduate of Stony Brook University, Dr. Samadi went on to attend other universities in the U.S and other countries with interest in specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. As an expert in urologic diseases, Dr. Samadi stresses the use of minimally invasive treatments procedures of treating prostate cancer. He emigrated to the US from Iran in 1979.

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MB2 Dental – Helping Dentists Focus on their Core Job

One of the biggest challenges of dentists is to run a dental practice successfully as they are trained to treat patients with dental problems, not look into the accounts or book appointments of the visiting patients. The administrative jobs at the dental office are something that most of the dentists only dislike, but even after having some employees; find themselves spending hours straightening things up. It takes up a lot of their time and makes it impossible for them to focus on their core job, which in a way, also negatively influences their ability to perform.Dentists are always looking for more time and space to be able to treat more patients, which helps to add to their revenue and in the long-term make the dental practice successful.

However, many aspects need to be focused upon at the same time to ensure the result is a success for the dental practice. It is a problem that was identified by MB2 Dental, which today provides many dental offices and clinics with administrative services. MB2 Dental takes over the dental office and ensures that every aspect of running a dental office successfully is taken care of. However, the dentists or the business owner need not worry as they would continue to retain the full control of the dental office, and any changes or decision that affects the office would be made or taken after thorough consultation with the business owner.MB2 Dental provides many different services to the dental office, including the appointment, reminder calls, billing, accounts, auditing, maintenance, patient care, customer service, HR solutions, recruitment, salary, documentations, paperwork, cleaning, bookkeeping, and more.

These are the services that MB2 Dental provides to ensure that dentists can perform treatment in full confidence and doesn’t have to worry about anything else other than their core responsibilities.Dr. Akhil Reddy studied biological sciences and dentistry from the University of Pacific and is one of the most successful dentists in the United States today. The office of Dr. Akhil Reddy is affiliated to MB2 Dental, and he says that part of his credit goes to MB2 Dental as they have offloaded him of the many worries that he had to deal with earlier on a regular basis. He also mentioned that these days he just visits the office treats his patients and comes back, without having to care or look into the financial or administrative matters each day as earlier. It saves him a lot of time and energy and has helped him become more efficient at work.

Dr. Jennifer Walden in order to learn more

A Look Into Dr. Jennifer Walden

Whenever a person needs to make the most out of their medical care, the best thing to do is reach out to a professional who is known for providing outstanding service. In this regard, one of the best things that a person can do is look into reviews from medical professionals that offer the care that they require. For instance, anyone looking to get a cosmetic procedure would do well to get in touch with Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is a professional who continuously does all that she can to give her patients high quality service.

In this regard, she is one of the most renowned in her field. Dr. Walden provides a series of cosmetic surgeries for patients who are in need. Some of the examples of cosmetic surgery that she provides include boob jobs, nose jobs and tummy tucks. She is a high quality professional that is used to handling nothing but the highest quality procedures for any patient.

She is a resident of Austin, TX, who was also born and raised in the area. After graduating from the University of Texas as the salutatorian of her class, Dr. Walden received a fellowship as an ear, nose and throat medical professional in New York City. Once she finished the fellowship, Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to come back home to Austin in order to open up her own practice.

By understanding what services Dr. Walden provides, a person can truly understand which professionals are the greatest at what they do in the field. She is a professional who has become incredibly successful in the field and continues to provide patients with the highest quality service around. With this in mind, consider these points and touch base with Dr. Jennifer Walden in order to learn more.

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Clay Siegall & His Leadership At Seattle Genetics

Cancer Research is a popular and profitable industry that has come a long way over the years. Even though cancer itself is still prevalent in today’s society, the future is looking much more brighter thanks to some innovative medications and the ingenuity of Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall is widely known as a doctor, scientist, guest speaker, and philanthropist. He is the current CEO and President as well as Founder of Biotech Company Seattle Genetics. This guy has a strong backing of support within the industry and he’s well respected among his peers thanks to his brilliance. The way he implements his thoughts, ideas, and actions into play should be admired as he’s laid the blueprint to success in this field.


The good doctor has a heart of gold and spends most of his time helping others. Having such compassion is another reason that he is known as a philanthropist. Dr. Siegall has taken this organization straight to the top as Seattle Genetics is now a major player in the fight against cancer. Over the past few years Forbes had it on it’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. The Bothell, Washington based organization was visited by Vice president Joe Bidden early last year in part by it’s great success and news headlines. This “one-two punch” of excellence is giving cancer all it can handle and the great thing about it that there are many more drugs in the pipeline being tested for future reference. The company’s flagship drug (ADCETRIS) is setting new trends from it’s effectiveness. It has made hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S. and Canada alone.


Dr. Clay Siegall has also helped to raise $1.2 Billion (via) private and public funding which go to future projects while helping to sustain the business. As you can see, the outlook in cancer research is much more positive and the world owes much of the credit to Dr. Clay Siegall.