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José Borghi increases profits using mass media

An extremely well respected publicist, José Borghi, who is also the CEO of the publishing company, Mullen Lowe, has made some outstanding profits in the past couple of years from digital advertising. Electronic media is well-known to have a widespread reach, it frequently garners the interest individuals and companies, alike. For publishing companies, electronic, or digital mass media, is frequently considered as perfect means for sending your company’s message to a massive amount of individuals, in a small time frame. Many people, believe that this is a radical means of acquiring prospective clientele, in addition to creating awareness of your brand, including to people who may not otherwise have been aware of your company. The widespread ownership of smart phones and digital devices, allow opportunities for businesses to better reach their listeners.

Additionally, advertisements that are communicated using the internet may embed video as well as audio, to convey a company’s message. Brasil, achieved a 14 percent rise in profits from investments using mass media marketing for their companies in 2015. This profit is in comparison to the previous year’s returns. José Borghi thinks that advertising online can keep on generating sizable profits from marketing investments. José is on record as admitting that profits could be as large as $10 billion.

The United States, by contrast, has a highly developed digital presence and throughout the first part of 2015, more than $27 billion in profits was reported. This is an astounding increase of 20 percent, when compared to the previous year. The Advertising Report regarding Internet Revenue states that this increase in profits is from marketing that was sent expressly to cellular devices. José Borghi concurs with this evaluation and saw a rise in profits of 51 percent for mass media marketing that were aimed at cellular devices.

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