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Rona Borre Makes Her Mark

Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in 2001 from the spare bedroom in her condo. She showed up each day, dressed in a business suit, even she was the only person there. She said that she had big plans and wanted to look the part.

Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the United States, and the annual billings are in the millions of dollars. She caters to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized concerns, and smaller firms as well. She focuses on financial and technological professionals because everyone wants them. They are the people who propel a company to the next level when a company is in the growth stage.

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One of the strategies that Borre uses is one that most of the competition overlooks. While they are spending their time look through thousands of resumes, Borre and her team are getting to know the executive team of the company that they are doing the hiring for. Borre wants to know everything about them. She needs to know what the culture of the company is before she gets someone to work there. If a person doesn’t fit, it will all go bad, check this on

Once she finds out what she needs to know, she will move mountains to find that person, and it works. Instant Alliance has only a one percent attrition rate of the people hired, and that is a phenomenal statistic.  Additional article here.

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