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Eric Lefkofsky : Using His Fortune to Fight Cancer

About Eric

Eric Lefkofsky is currently ranked at #1275 in the world’s billionaires’ list by Forbes with a net worth of $1.88 billion. He has amassed a significant percentage of his fortune from technology-based start-ups. He is the honcho at Groupon, 2010’s fastest growing entity, according to Forbes.

He has also worked in numerous prominent firms over his long career. Moreover, Lefkofsky is an active contributor to the fight against cancer as well as a passionate humanitarian.

Educational background

South Field Lathrup High was where Eric Lefkofsky received his secondary education. He attained his undergraduate BA degree from the University of Michigan. Eric later went to the Law school of the same university, where he was awarded Juris Doctor in 1993.

Accelerated Disruption

The book is an editorial masterpiece written by Eric. The primary subject matter covered is the bringing of entrepreneurial ideas into fruition. This piece is a step-by-step guide for successful businesses. Right from the first page, the book explains how to overcome obstacles as well as how you can transform your business into a client magnet. Additionally, it enlightens employers on how to treat their workers for best output.

Tempus Inc.

Over the years, Eric has displayed unrivaled commitment in the fight against cancer. Not only has he poured a significant amount of dollars towards the cause, but he also inaugurated Tempus Inc., an enterprise whose sole objective is to eradicate this menace.

Tempus is transforming the approach taken in diagnosing cancer. Rather than following conventional methods, the firm uses genetics to establish the extent of the disease. Genetic samples from patients are run through high-end laboratory infrastructure after which personalized medication is given to every client. The company uses modernized lab equipment to enhance the credibility of the test results.


Eric has been involved in humanitarian causes since 2006 when he started his family foundation. The organization’s objective is to alleviate living standards of the impoverished. Over the years, the charity has supported numerous causes across the country, particularly the terminally ill, with a bias towards cancer patients.

Additionally, the group runs a mentorship program, named Moneythink. This incentive seeks to educate the youth on various financial issues.

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Just Who Is Clay Siegall & What Does He Do?

If you’re not too familiar with cancer research then you probably won’t recognize the name in this article, but this article is a great place to educate you on a very special individual. This individual has changed the game when it comes to the fight against cancer and his organization firmly sits at the top of the apex thanks to it’s great products and services. Clay Siegall is the name in question and Seattle Genetics is the organization he represents. Clay Siegall is by far one of the biggest names in cancer research and has been for some time now. He has led this valiant fight for many years while working with many high profile organizations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, The National Institute of Health, as well as The National Cancer Institute.


Clay Siegall has many titles thanks to his broad educational background. He’s known to be a scientist, philanthropist, guest speaker, fund raiser, and doctor. This brilliant minded individual attended the University of Maryland where obtained a (BS) in Zoology. The good doctor also earned a Ph.D in Genetics from the prestigious George Washington University. With all of these accomplishments you would think that he would be a household name, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Dr. Siegall isn’t in it for fame, he’s in it to save lives and his company Seattle Genetics produces some of the best antibody based therapies in the business. These breakthrough therapies are known as (ADCs) aka Antibody Drug Conjugates. They specifically target cancerous cells within the body and attacks them with cell killing agents. This method is much more efficient as it spares all non-targeted cells within the body which cuts down on nasty side effects.


HeraldNet News reported that Seattle Genetics will be hiring at least 200 more employees in the near future in part by it’s huge growth. This will bring the company’s total up to around 1,100 in all. Dr. Siegall is the man in charge and will continue to see this progression through to the end.