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Anthony Petrello CEO Nabors Industries Ltd and his Leadership Team

Anthony is the Chairman of Board, the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. The company has made positive growth since it started its operations and currently, it is well-known and represented across the globe. For a company that is known worldwide, Tony cannot manage to have control over all operations carried out. For this reason, he has his team of leadership where each department in the company has a leader. The leaders assist in easing up the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer, making it fast and simple to monitor all operations of the company. A huge company cannot be managed by an individual, and it was wise for Tony to have each department assigned a leader. The company has clients from all over the globe and for all of them to be attended to, the team of leaders is necessary.

The major departments in Nabors Industries Ltd are: CEO Anthony Petrello, Chief Financial Officer (William Restrepo), Corporate Secretary (Mark Andrews),Vice President, Human resources (Carina Lovato Gillenwater), President, Global Drilling Operations and Engineering (Siggi Meissner), President, Nabors Drilling Solutions (Christopher Papouras), Chief Operations officer, Canrig Drilling Technology (John Sanchez), Vice President , Corporate Development & Investor Relations (Dennis A Smith), Vice President and Chief Information officer (Sri Valleru), Vice President of HSE & Risk Management (Steve Williams) and the last department is Vice President & General Counsel (Julia Wright). All the major departments are well represented, and Tony ensured he has the right people to work in each department. The mentioned individuals have well-rounded experience in their respective positions. In this case, the company has the best team of leaders to ensure all operations are successful and the company is working towards achieving all set goals.

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José Henrique Borghi: A Name You can Trust with Your Advertising Needs

It’s a universal fact that an efficient advertising agency must know what creativity and innovation are and how they can assist a company to improve its business and other things. However, this is where marketing and advertising companies forgot the most important sectors of a marketing campaign. And that is proper planning, use of appropriate strategy and the company that one should opt for the assistance in another part of the marketing campaign to provide world class services for advertising their products or services to not just limited/targeted market but to the whole market.

That’s where José Henrique Borghi steps in and concentrates on advertising and marketing campaigns so that his client can get world class publicity for their services and products to earn some potentials customers and to raise their business to a level that never touched by them. And that became the primary reason behind the fame of José in whole Brazil. Jose started assisting local of Brazil with the help of his world class marketing agency Mullen Lowe Brasil that help its customer to cover more radiuses and reached out to places where no other advertising agency has done before.

José Henrique Borghi has earned many awards from many prestigious institutes who believe that Borghican make the difference to a product with his marketing and advertising skills. And the most notable award that Borghi hold and that became a turning point for Borghi to be a guru of advertising and marketing firm is “Advertise of the Year.” At his starting time, even though he was out of moves and finance, but that was his dedication and devotion which holds him to keep working and not to stop. And he did that, and now Brazil saw that once an ordinary citizen, now the most notable marketing and advertising guru in whole Brazil. See also.

eric pulier

Eric Pulier Facts 101

Eric Pulier is a youthful American entrepreneur, author, businessman, public speaker and technologist. He is one of the best that the industry has. Raised in Teaneck, Pulier always had a thing for computers. But, his was more than just passion. When in fourth grade, he was already programming computers and by the time he was in high school, he had started a company of his own.


Pulier studies in Teaneck High School and graduated with to grades, earning him a place at the premium Harvard University. He joined Harvard University in the year 1984, as an English and American Literature major. While studying at the University, he joined the editorial group of the Harvard Crimson, working as an editor.


While still in Harvard, he would attend MIT part-time. MIT is a prestigious institution of IT. He would take his time to improve his knowledge and experience in computer studies. In the year 1988, he graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude.


Pulier founded People Doing Things in the year 1991. At that point, Pulier had observed that there were so many social and economic issues that could be solved with the use of technology. Therefore, he started a company that would solve problems in the healthcare and education sectors.


In the year 1994, Pulier founded Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution merged with US interactive LLC, which Pulier co-founded in the year 1998. He stayed with US interactive, serving as a Director, from the year 1998 to the year 2001.


Eric Pulier is known to have founded over 12 companies in his short life. He is the founder of successful firms including Desktone, Akana Inc and SOA Software. Some of his companies, he has sold for millions, amassing a lot of wealth that he enjoys sharing with the undeserved.


He sits on the board of XPRIZE. This is a foundation that aims at awarding the best talents at solving the greatest challenges that face humanity today. He also the founder of Starbright, which is a platform for children with chronical illnesses to interact. Through the network, he helps them to make friends and share their stories.s



EOS Reveals their Origins

In an article in Fast Company, EOS’ founders discussed the origin of their company and how they were able to displace larger and deeper pocketed competitors who were already entrenched in the lip balm market.

The story of EOS is really one of a company that took a grass roots approach to developing their business and reimagined the lip balm market at its very base level. EOS  lip balm saw that their competition was not actively improving their product and were relying on economies of scale, existing distribution channels, and price structure to profit in the market.

EOS redesigned the lip balm market by creating products that were of higher quality than their competition, had a more modern take on lip balm, and was delivered in unique applicator orbs that were surrounded in bright colors.

When designing this product, EOS focused on the tastes and preferences of female buyers of lip balm, who constituted the largest subset of the lip balm market. High quality oils were used to found the base of EOS lip balm, such as coconut and jojoba oil, and only organic an all-natural ingredients were used in the product. EOS was even careful to have machinery custom designed to make their lip balm so that their competitors could not copy the products easily. It is only now, almost a decade after EOS was launched, that the lip balms produced by their competitors are emulating the products related by EOS.

EOS is not resting on their laurels and I, instead, launching new products into the personal care industry that are being perceived as being an opportunity for the company take advantage of similarly complacent competition. Regardless of the success that EOS is able to experience, their success of EOS in the lip balm market is a story of how effective and more nimble a small competitor can be, even when entrenched against larger and more powerful competition. EOS products are available on target and Costo nationwide.


Eric Lefkofsky : Using His Fortune to Fight Cancer

About Eric

Eric Lefkofsky is currently ranked at #1275 in the world’s billionaires’ list by Forbes with a net worth of $1.88 billion. He has amassed a significant percentage of his fortune from technology-based start-ups. He is the honcho at Groupon, 2010’s fastest growing entity, according to Forbes.

He has also worked in numerous prominent firms over his long career. Moreover, Lefkofsky is an active contributor to the fight against cancer as well as a passionate humanitarian.

Educational background

South Field Lathrup High was where Eric Lefkofsky received his secondary education. He attained his undergraduate BA degree from the University of Michigan. Eric later went to the Law school of the same university, where he was awarded Juris Doctor in 1993.

Accelerated Disruption

The book is an editorial masterpiece written by Eric. The primary subject matter covered is the bringing of entrepreneurial ideas into fruition. This piece is a step-by-step guide for successful businesses. Right from the first page, the book explains how to overcome obstacles as well as how you can transform your business into a client magnet. Additionally, it enlightens employers on how to treat their workers for best output.

Tempus Inc.

Over the years, Eric has displayed unrivaled commitment in the fight against cancer. Not only has he poured a significant amount of dollars towards the cause, but he also inaugurated Tempus Inc., an enterprise whose sole objective is to eradicate this menace.

Tempus is transforming the approach taken in diagnosing cancer. Rather than following conventional methods, the firm uses genetics to establish the extent of the disease. Genetic samples from patients are run through high-end laboratory infrastructure after which personalized medication is given to every client. The company uses modernized lab equipment to enhance the credibility of the test results.


Eric has been involved in humanitarian causes since 2006 when he started his family foundation. The organization’s objective is to alleviate living standards of the impoverished. Over the years, the charity has supported numerous causes across the country, particularly the terminally ill, with a bias towards cancer patients.

Additionally, the group runs a mentorship program, named Moneythink. This incentive seeks to educate the youth on various financial issues.

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Roberto Santiago’s Story – Bringing Glam into Joao Pessoa’s Retail Industry

An entrepreneur, businessman, and sportsman, Roberto Santiago is a man to watch out for in Brazil’s retail industry. He is making the most of the new opportunities in Brazil’s urban growth, and his entrepreneurial activities are making shopping in Brazil’s upcoming cities thrilling.

Here is a brief journey through the life of Roberto Santiago from his days as a café employee to his current prestigious status as the owner of the Mangeira Shopping Mall.

Education and Career Background

Roberto Santiago attended the Pio X Marist College where he took an interest in business studies. He later majored in business at the University Center of Joao Pessoa in Brazil where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration Studies.

Santiago’s career started off on a low note shortly after attaining his degree. His first occupation was in the hotel and catering industry as he was an employee of Café Santa Rosa. Over the years he worked in several other industries under different capacities until he discovered the opportunities in the cartonnage industry. He started his cartonnage company and specialized in designing decorative products. Since then, Roberto Santiago has been venturing and investing in the retail industry.

New Heights

Roberto Santiago’s career has peaked since he ventured into the retail industry. He is popular for owning one of the grandest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa: Manaira Shopping Mall. The shopping mall is one of the newest in the city and, consequently, one of the most modern ones.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is designed to offer virtually everything under one roof. It hosts several retail stores that specialize in selling different products such as electronics and furniture. It also houses several stores that push the latest fashion trends in the city and the country. Additionally, there are several restaurants that serve diverse cuisines ranging from local delicacies to western snacks and meals.

The shopping mall is also a bustling entertainment center. To start with, it houses a large movie theatre that features 3D technology and ergonomic seating designs. It also houses the Domus Hall where a host of performances and events are held. The hall is always booked for a diverse array of events ranging from music concerts to cultural exhibitions.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is very popular with young shoppers looking for that contemporary look and feel. And, for Roberto Santiago, this is enough motivation to set up even more contemporary shopping malls around Brazil.

InnovaCare Health CEO, Rick Shinto, Welcomes Three New Executives to his Management Team

In July 2016, InnovaCare Health announced the addition of three new executives to its leadership ranks. The announcement was made by company CEO, Richard “Rick” Shinto, M.D., who said that the new executives each brought a wealth of experience into the company and added that he was pleased to welcome them. Below are the three leaders.

  1. Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides joins InnovaCare as its Chief Administration Officer and has over two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry. She has specialized in government programs like Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans. She also has extensive knowledge in the development of managed healthcare processes, clinical programs, and operations focusing on improving organizational infrastructure and enhancing efficiencies. Check her interview with

Penelope Kokkinides has served in several executive capacities during her career. These include Centerlight HealthCare’s Executive V.P and COO, Touchstone Health’s COO, and a Corporate V.P for AmeriChoice (UnitedHealth Group).

  1. Mike Sortino

Mike Sortino was named the company’s Chief Accounting Officer. He previously worked for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Houston Casualty Company.

  1. Jonathan Meyers

Jonathan Meyers joins InnovaCare as its Chief Actuary Officer. Before joining the company, he worked for Horizon BCBS and HealthCare Partners. He has also done some consultancy work for top businesses in the United States.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health provides second to none managed healthcare services in America. It concentrates on two primary healthcare avenues namely Provider Networks as well as Medicaid Programs and Medicare Advantage plans. The company provides quality healthcare services and has created sustainable models that are not only cost-effective but also fully integrated with today’s advanced technologies.

InnovaCare Health operates two successful Medicare Advantage Plans based in Puerto Rico – PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Both programs have a combined membership of over 200,000 people and serve a vast network that includes over 7,500 providers. The company also operates two other Medicaid Plans that fall within the Puerto Rican Government Health Plan. Through its provider networks and Medicare Advantage programs, the company strives to redefine healthcare management in North America and solve some of the industry’s complex healthcare challenges.

Richard Shinto

InnovaCare President and CEO, Richard Shinto, has over 20 years of operational and clinical experience with a specialty in managed care. He joined the company in 2008 from Aveta Inc. His rich resume also includes management stints in entities like NAMM California, Pathways Management Company, MedPartners, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Today, he writes articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

An Admirable Politician, Businesswoman, Philanthropist and my Role Model – Betsy DeVos

Work History of Betsy DeVos

After looking through her long line of work in the political and corporate arena, I decided that so many remarkable activities of hers must be discussed. I admire the strong persona and passion she used throughout her political career of 1982. This was the year I discovered when she first joined in the Michigan Republican Party as the local precinct delegate. For five years since 1992, I read that Betsy DeVos fulfilled the duties of being Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan. For four years since 1996, she served the role of the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. To my discovery, 2003 was the year when DeVos ran for the Republican Party Chairman position and was successfully elected to the post. DeVos’ political activities also involve political fundraising. I was awestruck to discover that she had successfully been able to raise $150 thousand for George Bush’s re-election campaign. I was impressed with her financial acumen, even more, when I found out that she controlled the finance sector for George W. Bush’s administration supremely for two years fulfilling her role as the Finance Chairperson. Betsy DeVos had surprised me with her recent success after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. I was glad to hear that Betsy DeVos’ lifetime of perseverance in the political field had not gone unnoticed eventually. On the 23rd of November, 2016, the current newly elected President Donald Trump had revealed that he wanted to nominate Betsy DeVos as the upcoming United States Secretary of Education. The American citizens, the entire world and I expect DeVos to revolutionize the current education system. This is because I believe that she has a well-perceived view and experience which she had acquired throughout all of her lifelong philanthropic engagements. I believe that she knows the supreme value of education and she understands its necessity for every child as she had personally met with struggling children from developing nations.

DeVos is an admirable entrepreneur as well being the Chairwoman of WindQuest Group as the company was founded jointly by her lifelong companion 1980. I was emotionally moved to hear that the couple had also jointly produced a Broadway stage play called the Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson. The show performed incredibly well for three weeks until December 2012.

Philanthropic Work of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos had donated over $139 million in philanthropy. DeVos’ benevolent contributions are focused on arts and education. I was thrilled to find her joint charitable organization, Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to be playing an active role in this.

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Adam Milstein Explains His Work At Hager Pacific Properties And Philanthropy

Adam Milstein was interviewed by Ideamensch, a business ideas blog that has asked many entrepreneurs about how they got into business. Adam Milstein is a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and the Chairman of the Milstein Foundation, the Israeli-American Council, and several other non-profit organizations. Ideamensch wanted to know more about how Milstein got started in the real estate business and how philanthropy has played an integral role in his career.


Adam Milstein would tell you the man who’s influenced his thinking the most is David Hager who he co-founded Hager Pacific Properties with. It’s largely because Milstein admires those who are great thinkers and will take the steps to solve problems that nobody else will. Milstein got into the real estate business upon completing his MBA at USC and made his own way towards becoming an investor and asset manager because he was unhappy with the other opportunities he was presented with. Milstein likes the unpredictable nature of the real estate market and seems to care less about having routine in his day than about just doing his best with any situation that comes his way. He does encourage entrepreneurs entering the real estate industry to be patient and follow up constantly with their contacts.


Adam Milstein has made the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list of 2016, a list that’s included famous politicians, entertainers and philanthropists including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Senator Chuck Schumer. He’s spoken on many university campuses and at various Jewish forums and summits, and has helped launch Jewish tradition and Hebrew learning programs for Jewish Americans. His foundation is known for three pillars in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy.


Adam Milstein was born in Israel just four years after the land was established as a new nation. His father was a building framer who also fought in the nation’s first war. Adam is the oldest of three sons and a former military veteran himself who fought under Ariel Sharon’s command in the Yom Kippur War. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology where he graduated from in 1978, and he earned his MBA at USC in 1981. He and his wife Gila established the Milstein Foundation in the year 2000.

Essence Of True Nobility

George Soros is an artist at living, His work of art being his esteemed life. Being a native to Hungary he moved to England in 1947 and secured work shortly after graduation as an investment banker. He eventually moved to New York as he rose through the ranks to become a sort after investment manager on He eventually branched off to establish his own company later named THE HEDGE FUND and solidifying his position as the greatest investment managers of the modern era.

George Soros later distant himself from the intrigues of the financial markets to invest in people as true living means we can be responsive to the other person. This was achieved through his widely credited OPEN SOCIETY social platform currently involved in various project well spread over 100 countries. This philanthropic projects range from basic human rights to education of native Africans under apartheid to fighting the spread of communism in Eastern Bloc by facilitating the reproduction of restricted texts. His passion for progressive on change led to adoption of transparency virtues in the extraction industries especially those directly involved with natural resources resulting in profit driven conflicts. His dedication to human rights activism has seen him voice his opinion in regards to asylum seekers from the Syria. He details a comprehensive plan policy that is far less disruptive and cheaper in the long run that can easily be adopted by the EU which maintains human dignity.

Democracy connotes debate and dissent, and as a stern democrat he was influential in bankrolling a legal battle against voting laws effected by the government administration of George W. Bush. The restrictive measures included nullification of ballots that might have been cast in different precincts as well as early voting that would effectively make casting of votes hectic during weekends presiding the election date on This was his initial involvement in political matters in America.

Respect for law like any perishable commodity can be lost if not nourished and as such George Soros has been on the frontier voicing his displeasure to the injustices being committed by Russia’s president Putin to the people’s government of Ukraine under the watchful eye of the European and American administration at He creates his own sub-culture of going against the herd by valuing the less privileged in society stating the potential tragic and far-reaching geopolitical effects that might result from the erosion of Ukraine’s independence and the growing influence of a Victorious Putin Administration if left unchecked in Europe. Leading to a predictable military confrontation between the nations involved although Russian aggression will negatively impact on the simulative effect in greater European countries. Such a blunt exchange will have few benefits, reducing the pressure on currency to settle with the bond holders as well as lowering the interest risk on premiums. He continues to advocate for the eradication of corruption in Ukraine’s black hole reducing the chances of a potential sovereign default hence persuading more cash injection to Ukraine’s economy by its foreign bank shareholders.