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Rick Smith is revolutionizing criminal justice communications

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies, where it is changing how correctional facilities, law enforcement, and incarcerated individuals and their loved ones communicate. Through cutting edge security and communication technology, Smith is making sure that every stakeholder in the criminal justice process gets the information they need to improve communication, cut unnecessary costs, and reduce recidivism to make the system more effective.

Richard “Rick” Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester and more information click here.

He began his career at Global Crossing North America where he held several positions during his time with the company between 1972 and 1998. In 1998 Smith made the move to Eschelon Telecom. He served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from 1998-2000 and President from 2000-2003 before being promoted to CEO. Under Smith’s leadership he increased the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million before leading Eschelon Telecom to a successful IPO and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

In 2008 Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies provides communications and monitoring services for public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and prisons, as well as pay phones to nearly 1.2 million inmates nation-wide to connect them with their families and friends. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies has been serving the corrections industry since 1986. Their innovative platform not only provides a direct line of communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones – projected to reduce recidivism – but also gives law enforcement and corrections personnel state-of-the-art tools to manage the inmates they’re responsible for and his Linkedin.

Under Smith’s leadership Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. in 2015. JPay is the market leading technology company that introduced electronic payments, email and a suite of entertainment and educational mobile apps to the corrections industry. The bold acquisition combined two of the most innovative providers in the corrections space, keeping inmates connected with their communities and learning opportunities in meaningful ways and what Rick Smith knows.

As communications technology rapidly evolves, Smith leads Securus Technologies in facilitating two-way communication between the company and corrections/law enforcement professionals and inmates. Together they are informing products and acquisitions that meet these stakeholders’ unique needs and fulfilling the company’s mission of reducing recidivism, improving safety, and enhancing quality of life and

Jason Halpern Restructuring the American Real Estate Industry

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer in the United States. He is also the principal of his family business, JMH Development since 2010. Under Jason’s leadership, the company has remained committed to creating new and innovative buildings for commercial and rental purposes in New York State. Combining his unique market know-how, vast skills on development and industry experience, Jason has ensured that the company delivers high quality beyond the consumer expectations.

Mr. Halpern has a strong respect for the local communities, and he takes their interests into account when developing an area. Jason is also involved in philanthropic activities. His interest in charitable activities is evident from his support for Joel Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center specializing in complex emergency neurosurgery, orthopedics, open heart surgery and treatment for burn victims. Jason also partnered with other organizations to support water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and Jason Halpern

In 2014, the firm announced to top off the Aloft South Beach, a 235- room hotel, which was opened in 2015 in the heart of Miami Beach. JMH Development developed the project in collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The project was developed as an adaptive use of the historic Motel Ankara and included an eight-story tower. The property is one of the biggest with significantly larger rooms that its competitors. The idea to top off Aloft South Beach was in line with Jason’s interest in restoring historic structures. The property, which is located one block from the shores of Miami Beach and minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, presents a new experience for guests touring the area. The guests can now enjoy roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, over 2,300 square feet meeting space, and around clock fitness center. Moreover, the guests have free access to emerging local artists.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

About JMH Development

JMH development is a leading service provider in the real estate industry. The company is experienced in the sector and owns several residential and commercial properties across the United States. The firm’s approach to creating distinctive and luxury properties has been their secret of remaining at the top of the industry. JMH Development has been a pioneer in the development of only one of its kind luxurious properties in mushrooming markets such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Williamsburg.

The firm has so far invested over $500 million in New York state projects including a mega development on 184 Kent. JMH Development has also developed the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, an investment that saw an additional nine luxury houses in the greater Brooklyn area. JMH team is well versed with all steps in the development process from the feasibility study, to strategy, to site selection, to building design and construction, branding and marketing. Their expertise, which spreads to various industries such as residential, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use property segment, has been a major contributor towards the excellence of the firm.

Does Eric Pulier Intend to Establish Something New?

Eric Pulier is good at what he does. But if you are new to him, then you would probably ask what exactly Eric specializes in or maybe you would question why so many successes are credited to that very youthful looking face. Well, to start with, Eric Pulier does everything or almost everything. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, talented columnist, published author, master technologist, investor, sought after public speaker, mentor and a generous philanthropist.

That is not all about Eric Pulier as he is also a founder of more than 15 companies, successful raising funds to support these business ventures. It is important to note that everything that Eric Pulier puts his hands on is bound for successes. Eric’s notable ventures include Akana, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, vAtomic Systems and Media Platform.

The success of these ventures is a true testimony of why Eric Pulier is a celebrated figure. What could be Mr. Pulier’s next venture? While most of his ventures are centered around media and technology, Pulier is quite unpredictable hence the question has consistently been posed by most of his admirers.

In a recent interview with ideasmensch, Eric talks about what propels him as well as the the habits behind his entrepreneurial success. The decorated Harvard University alumnus graduated with a BA in English and American Literature. Eric Pulier background as a columnist dates back to his days at Harvard University where he wrote as student journalist for the Harvard Crimson. After Harvard, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he first founded People Doing Things in 1991 and followed with other ventures later.

Pulier has made an irreversible mark in the innovative world of technology. He is currently the founder, owner and CEO of vAtomic Systems and is a member of Board of Directors of other firms. In addition, Eric has won notable awards and prizes in the field of technology.

It is difficult to talk about Eric Pulier without mentioning his dedication to charities and assisting those the disadvantaged in the society. His involvement with Multiple Sclerosis Society helped to provide sclerosis awareness to victims. He was also part of the team that cofounded Starbright World, a social media platform that provided connection for children living with chronic conditions.


JHSF, and the Leadership of Jose’ AuriemoNeto are Positive for Brazil

One sure sign of a region that is in the middle of a cultural and economic upgrade is commercial attractiveness. Brazil is home to many cities and municipalities that are experiencing a transformation that is beneficial to commercial and private enterprises. This growth is also beneficial for residents. JHSF, is tirelessly working to promote high-end real estate in several regions of South America’s most populous country. Their interests include marketing Brazilian land to interested international developers, and creating exciting new work opportunities for countless Brazilian residents.


Though JHSF is primarily engaged in large market deals that involve high-profile clients, the results of its progress are felt in every sector of the Brazilian economy. The developments that JHSF helps broker creates many opportunities for laborers and specialized members of the Brazilian workforce. These opportunities range from hospitality staffing, to broad new contracts in the architectural world. The goal of JHSF is to help Brazil maintain a flexible and upwardly mobile presence in the global economic community. This company helps Brazil use its finest and most available resources to accomplish this difficult task.


JHSF CEO José AuriemoNeto is a commercial real estate specialist, and is at the helm of guiding this company to great achievements in the Brazilian market. His main objective as a business leader is to concentrate on commercial property sales deals that will directly benefit local people groups in Brazil.


Though José AuriemoNeto has been directing JHSF for less than a decade, he has opened extraordinary opportunities for the company, its affiliates, and its employees. The Santa Cruz shopping center is a travel and international shopping destination that owes its existence to the leadership of this executive. With a focus on service and exposure, AuriemoNeto is becoming a guiding light for other Brazilian entrepreneurs who are working to increase their country’s prominence on the global economic stage.


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Doug Levitt Recalls Literature Greatness

As an avid lover of all things traveling, whether it be spending my mornings glued to travel blogs or even the occasional online geography test, sometimes you have to be certain your view of the world is correct, it is safe to say that traveling occupies a good portion of my time. So between spending my time fully on the road and exploring everything the world has to offer all of us, I’ll often engage with pieces written by fellow travelers and the such and.

Doug Levitt’s Own Travels Call Out to a Greater Time in Our Country

Crossing through my part of the world and entering my news feed, Doug Levitt’s, a fellow traveler with an extensive resume of previous experience that would make even the busiest body feel lazy, Greyhound Diaries has been making noise on my usual news and culture watering holes so I decided to buy a ticket and take that ride with Doug Levitt.

The Greyhound Diaries, unlike many other works within its genre, tells its story of a country that has long passed its prime and is now searching for better promise as told through the people within its borders that are experienced the same growing pains as well through several different mediums, each in part capturing another portion of Doug LEvitt’s journey across the United States utilizing only the Greyhound Bus system to traverse the space between each place and the next.

Doug Levitt has a Story Richer than Those He Paints with Words in His Works

The man behind the Greyhound Diaries is himself also possessing of a story just as interesting and unexpected as many of the people Levitt encountered during his travels. The writer, poet, musician and former war correspondent for a major news organization begun his journey during moments of intense personal strife and questioning, as most travelers often do, and the resulting works that stemmed from his time spent among a real America carry the same beauty, strife, and hope found in every person Doug Levitt met and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

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How Rona Borre Developed Instant Alliance Into A Powerhouse In The Staffing Industry

Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance in 2001. This is a firm that specializes in providing staffing solutions to both the financial and tech industries. Her leadership has led the company into being a woman-owned business that is nationally recognized and has been featured in media across the United States including CNN, USA Today, CNBC, and her hometown CBS 2 Chicago. She also holds other leadership positions in Chicago, Illinois such as a seat on the board of the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents Organization.

In addition to a number of awards that have been given to Instant Alliance under her leadership as Chief Executive Officer of the company, she has also been personally recognized for her abilities and leadership. Enterprising Women Magazine named her as the Enterprising Woman of the Year once. Rona Borre has also been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners as well as the Business Ledger as an Influential Woman in Business.

Straight out of college, Rona Borre had started working it the recruiting and staffing industry. After a few years, the company she worked for was bought out by an international company which quickly changed the corporate culture and operations of the company. She had also developed an interest in working directly with her clients rather than where she was working. This led her to leave the company to form her own company, although she had to sign a non-compete clause upon exit and she couldn’t contact existing applicants. Fortunately for her, this was a period where the business market was suddenly turned upside down and there were massive layoffs. Many former applicants who found new jobs gave her leads on quality people who needed to find jobs. She recognized that by treating people right they would return the favor, which she has kept in mind ever since.  For more of Borre, check

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One of the things that Rona Borre most enjoys about her job is that every day is different. She enjoys interacting with her clients and connecting good candidates with job opportunities. She enjoys having a privately held company that is action and people oriented.

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