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“Kevin Seawright – The Master Manager”

Kevin Seawright is currently the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation.

It seems Kevin has at least 13 years using his unique business abilities to manage government and private organizations.

As a Certified Executive Leader and obtaining a Masters in Accounting, he has proven he is equipped to handle responsibilities in multiple venues.

These areas include –

* Redeveloping the accounting system for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, making it responsive to their economic goals, this resulted in saving them more than $100.000.

* Assisted Human Capital Divisions in improving their hiring process for a lower turnover rate, work with management in negotiations, as well as enriching customer service.

* Throughout his career, he has been credited with over $600 million in capital construction and other project funds.

He has held multiple roles such as Budget Manager, Payroll Director and Deputy Chief Operating Officer. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has a reputation for good work ethics, being a great collaborator on projects, capable of thinking strategically, having the skills to help business entities save money, possessing a positive attitude, which he displays when dealing with all individuals.

He has won many accolades for his work and he is a member of the American Society for Public Administrators, The National Association for Black Accountants, as well as the National Black Public Administrators.

And this is just a small sampling of all the positions he has been promoted to and activities, in which he is involved.

Mr. Kevin Seawright is now working on a $20 million dollar project earmarked for boosting the economy by creating jobs in the Baltimore area.

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